Krampade is a great addition to any athlete’s electrolyte replacement and hydration strategy. Our 2K formulations provide 2 g of rapidly absorbable potassium to aid in muscle recovery, hydration, and cramp prevention. We recommend taking 2K prior to and following practice or competition.
However, even our 2K strategy may not prevent all cramping, dependent upon an individual athlete’s propensity to cramp. Thus, when cramping does occur, our 4K formulation provides 4g of rapidly absorbable potassium to stop cramps almost immediately and keeps them away during competition, getting you back into the competition and keeping you at your best.
We have found some athletes like taking 4K during competition, which is fine. However, we recommend that until you know how your body responds to 4K, that you permit at least 4-5 hours between consuming separate servings of our 4K formulation.
For best results, consume 2K within 2 hours prior to an activity, and, if prone to cramping, follow with another 2K after the activity. Should a cramp occur, use 4K for immediate relief.


In May of 2017, Krampade and Tucker Poolman entered into a long-term endorsement agreement.

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Use 2K to help prevent cramping before, during, and after competition.


Try 2K reduced sugar – all the same benefits as 2K with half the calories.


Use 4K for immediate relief of onsetting cramps.


Try 4K reduced sugar – the same immediate relief as 4K with half the calories.