Let’s face it, women often experience monthly cramping that limits their daily lives for a few days. Thus, in addition to traditional cramps that affect everyone, Krampade works very well for relieving those painful monthly cramps often associated with your menstrual cycle.
For best results, take a 2K in the morning and another in the evening immediately prior to and during the course of the menstrual cycle. Should a cramp occur, use 4K for immediate relief.
While we appreciate that our female users who are athletes or individuals also may experience cramps during the rest of the month, having a product that helps to lessen or completely eliminate menstrual cramping is certainly a step forward for women. Give the Krampade product line a chance to keep you on the move during that time of the month.



Use 2K daily during your menstrual cycle to help prevent cramps and keep you at your best. 


Try 2K reduced sugar – all the same benefits of 2K with half the calories.


Use 4K for immediate relief of onsetting cramps.


Try 4K reduced sugar – the same immediate relief of 4K with half the calories.