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What is Krampade®?

Krampade® is a revolutionary approach to sports drinks, providing significant amounts of potassium to help stop and prevent cramping, while enhancing muscle performance, speeding recovery, reducing fatigue, optimizing hydration, and combating heat stress.

Our patent-pending formulations provide over 30x more potassium than traditional sports drinks. This gives employees the potassium needed for peak performance.

Why Potassium?

The FDA recommends individuals consume 4,700 mg of potassium daily (or 11 bananas!). The USDA found the average American consumes about 2,600 mg of potassium daily. Studies show that individuals lose about 250 mg of potassium per hour of activity. That’s nearly one banana for every hour on the job!

Potassium deficiency can manifest itself in the form of heat cramping and heat exhaustion, as well as weakness, fatigue, nighttime leg and foot cramping, and menstrual cramping.

How Can Krampade® Help?

The US Army found recruits lose about 20% of their total body potassium in the first two weeks of basic training. This tissue potassium loss is a critical factor in the onset of fatigue and heat injury.

When individuals are low in potassium, blood flow decreases to the skin. This means that heat does not radiate away from the body very well. Also, this reduced blood flow to the muscles decreases their function. This results in increased heat strain, hindering overall performance.

Krampade® solves this problem by delivering the key electrolyte (potassium) missing in other products. By restoring tissue potassium levels, employees will work better in the heat, cramp free.

For the Workplace…

OSHA recognizes the danger heat presents to employee health. Workplaces with temperatures above 70° F can present a heat hazard even with a moderate workload. Risk factors for heat illness include fluid and electrolyte loss, which Krampade® solves.

When employees experience heat stress in the workplace, they slow down. Studies indicate that heat exposure impacts worker productivity. Krampade® helps to reduce heat strain, which translates to more efficient production and increased worker safety.

Krampade® is a great addition to your hydration program to combat heat stress!

For Afterhours…

If employees don’t experience heat stress, heat exhaustion, or heat cramps on the job, they may suffer from nighttime leg and foot cramps at home. Studies show nearly 30% of American adults suffer from nighttime cramping. This impacts employee sleep, which increases fatigue and risk of incident.

Krampade® is the simple solution that helps prevent cramping afterhours and in the workplace.

For Female Employees…

Women in your workforce may experience monthly cramping. Krampade® is the solution to period cramping. The world’s largest study on working women found that the average woman loses 9 days of productivity annually due to menstrual cramping. Krampade® offers a simple, long sought solution to this recurring problem.

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