Based on Science,
Not Sweat!®

Our competitors base their formulations for electrolyte replacement upon the composition of sweat.  This assumes that all of the electrolytes lost in sweat provide a complete picture of electrolyte balance in the body.  However, this is only a partial picture and this myopic view has created the dogma upon which nearly all electrolyte/hydration sports drinks are based.

Potassium Loss

This sweat-centric view does not take into account the basic shift in kidney function during sweating.  As the body loses sodium through sweat, the kidney shifts from losing sodium to losing potassium, which causes a loss in potassium from muscles.  The more a muscle works, the more potassium is lost.  The more an individual sweats due to increased exertion, the more potassium is lost and when depletion reaches the cramping threshold, the muscle cramps.

Potassium Replenishment

Under normal conditions, potassium goes outside of the muscle when it contracts and then is pumped back into the muscle.  However, as the kidney shifts to potassium wasting during sweating, potassium leaves the blood and goes into the urine. When the potassium stores in the muscle cell are sufficiently depleted, cramping occurs.  The solution is to add potassium from a source that rapidly shifts potassium balance in the blood to enhance its entry into muscle cells.

Highly Recommended

We asked our customers if they would recommend Krampade to family and friends. Well, 90% said they would highly recommend Krampade, with 10% saying they would recommend Krampade


The Effectiveness of Krampade

How effective is Krampade in stopping cramps?

About 90% of our customers note a complete effectiveness in stopping cramps after becoming Krampade users, with about 10% saying the severity of cramps is reduced by about 60% after becoming Krampade users, but even in these individuals when cramps did occur, they were rapidly mitigated by Krampade.  That is getting it done!

Exercise Induced Cramping
Repetitive Motion Cramping
Nighttime Cramping
General Cramping
Menstrual Cramping
Consumers’ responce on the effectiveness of Krampade broken into three main responses. 
Cramps went away entirely
Cramp severity was reduced
Krampade was ineffective

What is the average cramp severity for Krampade users?

Our customers vary from individuals who lightly cramp to those with debilitating cramps.  These scores reflect the average of a large dynamic range.  Similar, after starting to use Krampade, when cramps did occur, the average severity was an average of 1 or below.  Cramps were remediated completely within 1-5 minutes after taking Krampade.

Exercise Induced Cramping
Repetitive Motion Cramping
Nighttime Cramping
General Cramping
Menstrual Cramping
Measured on a pain scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being no amount of pain and 10 being excruciating pain.
Before Krampade
After Krampade

Krampade is the Solution

Krampade works quickly and efficiently to restore normal muscle function, rapidly stopping acute cramping and when used daily, a great strategy to prevent chronic cramping.