Krampade started simply as an experiment by the founder, a medical school professor who suffered from cramps his entire life. Having suffered through cramps as a high school and small college athlete and continually cramping under all kinds of circumstances, including suffering from tetany in his hands and feet, he felt there had to be a better way to live life. At the age of 49, he embarked on an experiment using self-dosing of potassium chloride (KCl) to replace potassium lost every day through normal kidney function, during exercise, and exercise associated sweating. All of a sudden leg pain and cramps went away! His hands stopped cramping doing simple tasks and his cramping during competition and exercise as well during everyday life simply vanished. His GI motility returned to normal and his heart burn just went away. Krampade was born.

After working on dosing for some time, a wrestler began using potassium chloride to reduce cramping during high school wrestling practice and competition. After having lost many matches due to severe cramping, there was now a solution to keep wrestling without cramps. At regional and national competitions, if there was an onset of cramps, the higher dose formulation would immediately stop the cramping in about 30 seconds. Today, this wrestler competes at a leading NCAA Division I university and continues to use Krampade to prevent and mitigate cramping associated with this high paced sport.

Others have used Krampade and this product works. From high school football players to NCAA Division I hockey players, Krampade just works when using 1K and 2K on a daily bases before and after practice and using 4K when acute cramps occur. From chefs to women suffering through monthly cramping, Krampade just works.

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Krampade Testing Begins (2012)

Founder has the idea to experiment with Potassium to end his chronic cramping and other muscle ailments.

Krampade Brings Relief (2013)

A highschool wrestler begins testing the krampade formula and is able to finish matches without any cramps and eventually compete at the next level.

Finding the Perfect Formula (2014)

As the pursuit for the perfect formulation is searched for the founders see the need to share Krampade with the world.

Krampade is Born (2015)

Krampade is born and starts to help people such as athletes and chronic crampers find relief, and achieve what was previously not possible.

Used in NCAA (April 2016)

Used in NCAA DI Men’s Hockey National Championship game by champions.

Trademarked (Summer 2016)

Trademarks registered by USPTO.

Patented (Summer 2016)

Patent filed at USPTO.

Performance Drink of the NAHL (Summer 2017)

Named official Performance Drink of the North American Hockey League.

Expanded Operations (2018)

Expanded manufacturing facility in Grand Forks, ND

Completed Public Financing Round (2019)