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for Athletes

Every athlete has the same goal to be the best. To be the best you need the best training and the best nutrition. There is one critical electrolyte that the vast majority of athletes need to perform their best but are often woefully lacking. That electrolyte is potassium. Performance, recovery, and keeping muscles loose and cramp free all depend upon proper POTASSIUM levels in muscles.

Product Highlight

Krampade 2K is ideal for daily use to keep potassium levels optimized. With 2,000 mg of potassium per serving, the equivalent of 5 bananas, our 2K lineup is the best daily source of potassium. Let us help you reach your recommended daily intake of potassium with our 2K formulations.

For acute, severe cramps, we recommend using our 4K (4,000 mg potassium per serving) formulation for rapid cramp relief.


Did You Know


30-70% of athletes will experience exercise associated muscle cramps during competition


Athletes need at least 4,700 mg of potassium each day, plus 250 mg per hour of exercise

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  • Low potassium in muscles reduces blood flow during exercise, blood flow increases only 30% in low potassium muscle upon exertion but normal potassium in muscles has a 400% increase in blood flow
  • Low potassium can cause rhabdomyolysis or muscle cell death
  • Low potassium is the cause of exercise associated muscle cramps

75% of men don’t get enough potassium each day, teens consume an average of 2,750 mg per day, while men 20-39 years old consume an average of 3,050 mg per day

99% of women don’t get enough potassium each day, teens consume an average of 2,000 mg per day, while women 20-39 years old consume an average of 2,300 mg per day

The recommended daily intake (RDI)
for potassium is 4,700 mg

More Product Highlight


Krampade Original is available in 2K (2,000 mg potassium per serving) and 4K (4,000 mg potassium per serving) formulations and available in full, reduced, and ZERO sugar.


Krampade 2.0 is our second-generation formulation that has less sodium than our Original formulation and 50 mg of highly absorbed magnesium. Available in 2K (2,000 mg potassium per serving) and 4K (4,000 mg potassium per serving) formulation and in full, reduced, or ZERO sugar.


Krampade Fiber has all of the electrolytes found in Krampade 2.0 plus 9 g of soluble prebiotic fiber per serving, about twice the amount found in the leading product. A great pregame drink to keep hunger away during competition. Feel full without being bogged down!


Krampade Recover has all of the electrolytes found in Krampade 2.0 plus 30 g of whey hydrolysate protein for rapid absorption. It comes in regular and ZERO sugar. OH, it is NOT a shake! A great pregame drink to keep hunger away during competition. Feel full without being bogged down!


Krampade Complete all of the electrolytes found in Krampade 2.0 plus 9 g of soluble prebiotic fiber and 30 g of whey hydrolysate protein for rapid absorption. It comes in regular and ZERO sugar. OH, it is NOT a shake!

Always perform your best with Krampade in your bottle.


How Exercise Associated Cramps Occur

As muscles contract, potassium leaves the muscle as it depolarizes and then is pumped back into the muscle. During each contraction, potassium moves from inside the cells to outside, and is pumped back in when the muscle relaxes. However, not all of this potassium is recovered. With the repeated contractions during competition or practice, more and more potassium is lost. Eventually there isn’t enough potassium left in the muscle for it to relax and a painful cramp occurs.

Cramps occur because the muscle simply does not have enough potassium left to repolarize the membrane leaving the muscle stuck in the contraction signal. Other methods of treatment revolve around stretching the muscle initially to “break” the cramp, and massage to increase blood flow. However, relief is short lived as there still isn’t enough potassium to maintain normal performance.

Only Krampade has the right amount of potassium to not only stop cramps, but with regular use help prevent cramps from occurring. This allows for optimal muscle function throughout competition. With Krampade there is no more fear of cramps and no regrets of what might have been.

Our 4K (4,000 mg potassium per serving) formulation rapidly stops cramps and keep muscles cramps free during competition. Our 2K (2,000 mg potassium per serving) formulation when used several times daily will help prevent cramping.

Be at the Top of Your Game!

Benefits of proper potassium


Cramps become a thing of the past

  • When used regularly, Krampade prevents cramps from occurring in the first place. Should a cramp occur, the 4K immediately stops active cramps and keeps them away during competition.
  • No more inconvenient and painful impediments to your best game.

Faster recovery

  • Loss of potassium in muscles is the primary
    driver of fatigue. Krampade gives you a huge edge with recovery during your workout or competition. To top it off, the potassium in Krampade reduces soreness and increases gains after your workout.
  • Help speed your recovery following workouts and games.

Longer endurance

  • The high potassium in Krampade increases blood flow to your muscles meaning more fuel delivery and longer endurance. Often the edge in a close game comes down to who has better endurance.
  • So have the winning edge with Krampade on your side.

Optimized hydration

  • Krampade’s high potassium formulation increases blood flow to skin. This increases the efficiency of cooling and reduces sweating. Professional athletes using Krampade have reported up to 70% less water loss during their workouts just by switching to Krampade.
  • Optimize your hydration with Krampade.

Better focus and less brain fog

  • Low potassium slows down brain function resulting in “brain fog.” Krampade has the potassium needed to help the brain function faster, increasing focus and reducing brain fog.
  • Keep your mind sharp by getting the potassium you need.

How Much Potassium You Need


Athletes need a minimum of 4,700 mg of potassium each day. For every hour of exercise an additional 250 mg of potassium is needed to replace what is lost. But what did the US Army find? They found that new recruits lost an average of 5,600 mg of potassium per day during basic training. Although their plasma potassium level was normal, they lost about 20% of their body’s potassium found in tissues.

This loss resulted in cramping and heat stress, all of which is solved by increasing dietary potassium intake.

Unfortunately, the potassium consumption for a lot of athletes is similar to that of the average American, about 2,600 mg per day. Just two servings of the Krampade 2K daily provides the additional potassium that you need. Using Krampade during your workout will significantly improve recovery and improve gains.

How Krampade Started for Athletes


Our CEO, Dr. Eric Murphy, suffered from chronic cramping his whole life. As a high school and small college athlete, these were extremely detrimental. For years the home remedy for his chronic cramping was grapefruit juice, but this proved less and less effective.

At 49 and still active, if painfully so, he thought there must be another way to live. To the lab he went and with a little self-experimentation, Krampade was born. Suddenly his cramps disappeared! Workouts were easier and recovery was much better!

His son, Sean Murphy, was an avid wrestler and would lose matches he otherwise should win due to cramps and fatigue. Sean started using Krampade and was suddenly winning many more matches. In fact, Sean credits Krampade with propelling him to wrestling at the University of Nebraska.

Shortly after forming Krampade, our first professional athlete, Clarke Saunders, ordered Krampade and saw his performance in professional hockey skyrocket. Clarke could never get his cramping under control and was on the verge of quitting professional hockey.

With Krampade he could finally perform his best and went from an average ECHL goalie, to getting an opportunity in the AHL and even MVP honors in the Alps League and Polish League in Europe.

If Clarke had Krampade earlier in his career where might he be today? Don’t live with regrets, whether a serious professional or a weekend warrior, make sure you can be all you can be with Krampade in your bottle.

There are so Many More Stories


I used to struggle with strong calf cramps and wear calf sleeves to get through games. Now with a scoop of Krampade in my water prior to skating I notice I have full strength all game. I may not be faster but I feel stronger and skate hard to the last shift. I also feel better post game and have starting putting a little in my preworkout for lifting. Other members of my family have been labeled potassium deficient I think I may be as well. So glad I found this in USA Hockey Magazine.

-Anthony, hockey player

We had a player coming back from an injury that required him to be off 12 weeks. He was still out of shape when he returned to play and would get leg cramps from skating harder in games. He would take Krampade and have no issues the rest of the game.

-Todd, athletic trainer

Huge shout out to the Krampade family! We have struggled with cramps in years past. This year with the help of Krampade we were able to keep our players on the field the whole season cramp free! We went undefeated and won the state championship!

-Coach Freeman, high school football coach

I've been using your products for a while now and love them! I feel like they've helped me so much with my performance! I want to help other people with their performance too so that they can become the best they are meant to be. I truly believe that your products have done wonders for me!

-Tiana, CrossFit

My son went from every other day having severe leg cramps to 0 leg cramps since starting Krampade! Even I have been using it as a pre workout drink. I feel it helps me from fatiguing too quickly plus I feel it tastes better than other sports drinks. This is a great product and I will be sharing this around where I can. We are so glad we saw your product in the USA hockey magazine.



The Krampade Stack

Everything we do revolves around our high-potassium technology. Use our economical Krampade Original or magnesium enhanced Krampade 2.0 like a typical sports drink during your workout and have the best workouts of your life.

Krampade Recover will solidify your gains even more! It has the potassium of Krampade 2K and 30 grams of the finest whey protein hydrolysate. Krampade Recover dissolves clear and is simply the best way to give your muscles both the potassium and protein needed for optimal recovery and maximized gains.

Say no to shakes with Krampade Recover. Gut health is also important for athletes to get the most out of their diet. Krampade has you covered there too with Krampade Fiber that stacks 9 grams of soluble fiber, the strongest prebiotic on the market, to Krampade 2.0. Krampade Complete has it all: protein (30 g), potassium (2,000 mg), and soluble prebiotic fiber  (9 g) to give you optimal nutrition.

So before, during, and after exercise, adding the family of Kram- pade products will enhance your health, performance, and life unlike anything else in the world. You’ll feel the difference, we guarantee it.

Krampade is More Than a Sports Drink

Krampade is about much more than just being all you can be athletically. The potassium in Krampade is critical for overall health. Every system in the body requires potassium to function optimally.

When our CEO, Dr. Eric Murphy, started using Krampade, many of the things he simply associated with aging went away. And it’s not just Eric, take Jersey Joe as an example:


For the past 2 weeks I've had the best workouts I've had in a long, long time. To be quite honest, it felt like I was turning back the clock 10 years. I had sharp focus, endurance through the end of the workout, and I wasn't totally beyond tired when done. This stuff is amazing, and I've very quickly ordered bags and had friends try it! I wake up quicker in the morning, the visual acuity claim is accurate and true for me, I'm sleeping better at night, recovering faster from the gym. It really felt like a missing piece in my routine pressed right into place. I can't recommend it enough!”

-Jersey Joe


So do what Jersey Joe did and give Krampade a go today.

Get Krampade Today and Be All That You Can Be.

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