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Krampade's potassium-rich formula is guaranteed to hydrate you while preventing, relieving, and eliminating painful athletic cramps or your money back!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We're such big believers in our product that if Krampade doesn't relieve your cramps simply send your unused product back, and we'll refund 100% of your purchase.

The Best Choice For Rapid Cramp Relief

Cramping while being active is something that no athlete wants. Krampade is the must-have component of any athlete's electrolyte replenishment and hydration plan. Our formulations contain 30x the potassium of leading competitors, which is readily absorbed, helping with muscle endurance, repair, hydration and cramp prevention.  Maintain your competitive edge with Krampade!

How Krampade Helps



Potassium requirements increase with more activity. Our formulations deliver rapidly absorbable potassium, which speeds recovery, increases endurance, and avoids cramps (2K) or stops active cramps almost instantly (4K). Stay cramp free during competition, allowing you to stay in the game and perform at your best.



Magnesium supplementation enhances muscle performance. Magnesium is important for many body functions. Krampade boost suboptimal magnesium levels further, improving performance and recovery.

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The best source of electrolytes and hydration for maintaining fluid balance, muscle contraction, and nerve activity-all of which are necessary for peak performance and daily exercise.


Best Products for Relief



Krampade 2K is an excellent product for preventing and relieving cramps in a wide variety of people. The go-to solution that satisfies the majority of people's needs.

Available in Reduced & Zero Sugar

Krampade 2.0 Orange


The best solution for preventing and relieving cramps and another go-to product for most people's needs. It is an excellent replacement for current sports drinks or hydration products.

Available in Reduced & Zero Sugar

Krampade Original 4K Single


For rare individuals who lose a lot of potassium daily and are very prone to severe cramps, this product is perfect for giving them daily amounts of potassium needed. Designed for rapid acute cramp relief.

Available in Reduced Sugar

Our Happy Customers

Coach Freeman

High School Football Coach, ACCS Natchez, MS

Huge shout out to the Krampade family! We have struggled with cramps in years past. This year with the help of Krampade we were able to keep our players on the field the whole season cramp-free! We went undefeated and won the state championship!



Krampade brought me across a German long-distance hiking trail along the Rhine River, 180k in 6 days without a single cramp, and lemony-tasty all the way.  Thanks for helping me enjoy the landscape instead of worrying about muscle aches!


Professional Ice Hockey Goalie

I have struggled with dehydration and cramping my entire hockey career. Since I have started using Krampade, I have not had any issues during games or practices. This product allows me to focus fully on my play, rather than my hydration levels. I would recommend Krampade to any athletes who are heavy sweaters or frequently cramp during intense exercise.


Athletic Trainer from Florida

Awesome! My lacrosse guys love it! Every game we play they've got to have it. Haven't had a cramp since we started using it! That says a lot, especially playing in Florida.


Having a tough time deciding?

Try our Family Variety Bundle and find out which formula works best for relieving your cramps!

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