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1K, 2K, and 4K. What’s the Difference? Which Krampade Should I Purchase?

A question we are often asked:  "Which Krampade should I purchase?"  At the surface, this question seems simple and one that almost every customer has at one point or another. The short answer:  Krampade 2K.  The long answer: It's a bit more complicated. We understand everyone is different and that each individual has a varying ...
Womens' Health

Menstrual Cramp Relief, PMS, and Women’s Health: A Common Nutritional Cause

Women face unique challenges in their lives that men just don't have to face.  They are often pulled in so many directions, all while keeping a smile on their face as yep, it is that time of the month.  From teens who suffer from period cramps to a middle-aged woman with endometrioses, period pain is ...

Krampade 2023: Potassium Power with Zero Sugar

By Sarah Kirton, PR Writer Delivery Rank Cameron C. Murphy, Ph.D - VP Operations and Product Development Krampade - highlights to DeliveryRank the undeniable benefits of the Krampade high potassium powder products on performance, reduction of cramps and recovery. Why the love for Potassium? Low potassium consumption is the single largest nutrient deficit in the developed world. The low ...
Potassium is important in your diet

What are Electrolytes and What Do They Do? Potassium vs. Sodium

In the cult classic "Idiocracy," the population loves "Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator" because it has electrolytes ("it's what plants crave"). The main character asks, "what are electrolytes?" to which the stupefied members of the president's cabinet can only respond with, "it's what plants crave." In today's world, electrolytes are becoming more and more focused on ...

Krampade CEO Eric Murphy Talks Hockey With Bernie Corbett

Hockey on Campus host Bernie Corbett talks with CEO Eric Murphy about this hockey season, the NCHC Pod in Omaha, upcoming NCHC Playoffs in Grand Forks, ND, and exciting news about Krampade! Originally Aired 2/13/21

Success Story: Krampade Sports Drink Leverages Revolving Loan Fund To Secure Public/Private Investment For Business Growth

From Economic Development Administration (EDA) August 2020 Newsletter: EDA makes Economic Adjustment Assistance (EAA) grant awards to establish Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs) that make loans to businesses that cannot otherwise obtain traditional bank financing. These loans provide access to capital as gap financing that enables small businesses to grow and lead to new employment opportunities ...