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Benefits of Potassium
for Nighttime
Leg Cramps

Nobody likes to suffer from those painful leg cramps that wake you up in the middle of the night. For many individuals, these nighttime cramps impact their sleep. But a simple macronutrient that is poorly consumed by most Americans is the key to preventing these painful and unpredictable cramps from occurring in the first place. That nutrient is potassium!

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Krampade 2K is ideal for daily use to keep potassium levels optimized. With 2,000 mg of potassium per serving, the equivalent of 5 bananas, our 2K lineup is the best daily source of potassium. Let us help you reach your recommended daily intake of potassium.


Did You Know


30% of Americans are awakened by painful nighttime leg cramps


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Risk of recurring
nighttime cramps
goes up 3%
each year
as you age.


Increased daily activity increases the risk of cramps occurring while sleeping

Women tend to get nighttime cramps more often than men


99% of women do not get enough potassium, averaging 2,400 of the 4,700 mg needed each day

75% of men do not get enough potassium, averaging 3,000 of the 4,700 mg needed each day

The recommended daily intake (RDI) for potassium is 4,700 mg

More Product Highlight


Krampade Original is available in 2K (2,000 mg potassium per serving) and 4K (4,000 mg potassium per serving) formulations and available in full, reduced, and ZERO sugar.


Krampade 2.0 is our second-generation formulation that has less sodium than our Original formulation and 50 mg of highly absorbed magnesium. Available in 2K (2,000 mg potassium per serving) and 4K (4,000 mg potassium per serving) formulation and in full, reduced, or ZERO sugar.


Krampade Fiber has all of the electrolytes found in Krampade 2.0 plus 9 g of soluble prebiotic fiber per serving, about twice the amount found in the leading product. A great pregame drink to keep hunger away during competition. Feel full without being bogged down!


Krampade Recover has all of the electrolytes found in Krampade 2.0 plus 30 g of whey hydrolysate protein for rapid absorption. It comes in regular and ZERO sugar. OH, it is NOT a shake! A great pregame drink to keep hunger away during competition. Feel full without being bogged down!

Always get the restful night’s sleep you need with Krampade at your bedside.


How Nighttime Leg Cramps Occur

Nighttime leg cramps, or a charley horse, occur for simply one reason: not enough potassium.

When sleeping the body moves nutrients around the body and prioritize critical organs such as the brain and heart.Potassium is no different and is moved from the muscles to the brain and heart when these critical organs are low on potassium. All of this rearranging is done while sleeping. If the amount of potassium in the muscles gets too low the muscle contracts causing a cramp.

Sure, stretching out the cramp can offer temporary relief, but the muscle simply cramps again a little while later. ONLY by replenishing the potassium can the cramp be reliably relieved and allow peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

Krampade is the only product with the potassium needed per serving to drive potassium back into tissues quickly preventing cramps before they start or stopping active cramps and keeping them at bay.

Get the Good Nights’s Sleep you Deserve!

Benefits of proper potassium


Eliminate cramps of all kinds

  • Having proper potassium in your diet with Krampade prevents cramps of all kinds, painful nighttime cramps, cramps during or after your workout, and even stops menstrual cramps.
  • A life lived with Krampade is a life lived without fear of cramps.

Enhanced athletic performance, endurance, and recovery

  • Potassium loss in muscle tissue is the number one factor in fatigue associated with moderateto intense exercise. By optimizing potassium levels with Krampade, you’ll have better workouts and have faster recovery both during and after exercise.
  • Have the best athletic performance of your life.

Better digestive health and gut motility

  • When the gut is low on potassium it functions poorly, with slowed digestion and constipation. The potassium in Krampade speeds digestion. As our long-time customer Marv quipped, “it makes me poop like I’m 18 again!”
  • Make your gut extra happy with Krampade Fiber or Krampade Complete

Better focus and less brain fog

  • Low potassium slows down brain function resulting in “brain fog.” Krampade has the potassium needed to help the brain function faster, increasing focus and reducing brain fog.
  • Get the stimulation of caffeine without the crash with daily Krampade.

How Much Potassium You Need


The recommended daily intake (RDI) for potassium 4,700 mg. The average American only gets 2,600 mg of potassium each day.

Krampade 2K has 2,000 mg of potassium and is the best source of potassium to quickly, safely, and inexpensively supplement your diet to get you the potassium you need.

We recommend starting with two servings of Krampade 2K per day, having one serving in the morning and one serving in the evening. This will give you the daily potassium needed and start to replenish the potassium in the muscles, preventing cramps before they start. Oh, that will help your gut work better as well!

How Krampade Started for Nighttime Leg Cramps


Our CEO, Dr. Eric Murphy, had chronic cramping issues his whole life. For years he would use grapefruit juice to help, but this proved to be inadequate to stop the nightly struggles. At first he thought this was just a part of get- ting old, but at the tender age of 49 he thought there must be a better way to live.

The key nutrient in the original home remedy was potassium citrate. So, he turned to the lab to figure out how much potassium is needed to solve this nightly torment.
After some self-experimentation, Krampade was born.

Suddenly, simply taking Krampade a few times a day stopped a lifetime of waking at night with painful cramps. Other issues he had were also resolved, such as slowed digestion, indigestion, and even mental focus.

With one simple addition to his daily routine, all kinds of issues he thought were just a natural part of aging simply vanished.

But it’s not just Eric:

There are so Many More Stories


Last night I woke up with a cramp in my left ankle.  I tried to stretch it and work it out.  Then my right leg cramped up.  So I hobbled out to the kitchen to put Krampade to the test.  I mixed up a scoop in a glass of water.  By the time I had the whole glass drank the cramps in both legs were gone!! AMAZING!!

-Dana, Elementary School Teacher

I eat a very strict keto/carnivore diet and have so for a while.  I was beginning to experience leg cramps in the middle of the night which were so unbearable that I considered abandoning my diet altogether.  As a nurse, I realized that I was either hyponatremic or hypokalemic.  I increased my salt (sodium) intake with no luck.  I found Krampade and added it into my daily electrolyte regimen, and, like magic, my cramps disappeared!

-Ali, Nurse

I am a patent attorney with 20+ years of experience and also happen to hold a PhD in biochemistry.  My wife tried everything for relief from leg and hand cramps.  Nothing really worked until “The Miracle of Krampade

-John, Patent Attorney

My husband has terrible night leg cramps caused by Parkinson’s.  Krampade is working!  He uses the small package of Krampade 2.0 – 4K reduced sugar at night in ice water.  This type has magnesium added.  We are so thankful that we found Krampade and he can now sleep through the night!


It does not taste the best, but I had gotten Lyme Disease and at night I got the worst leg cramps.  This is the only product that helped me.  It works great.



Krampade also helps with restless legs

Restless legs syndrome is an annoying issue that also tends to occur at night.  Nobody knows exactly why this occurs, but it is thought to be due altered brain function.   

The potassium in Krampade not only makes muscles feel better and prevents cramps, it also helps the brain work better.  Take Cody for example:


I have used Krampade for around a year and really like the lime flavored 4K reduced sugar. I have used it as a pre- and post-workout rehydration solution, and it is perfect. When taken before my runs, I notice increased endurance and better recovery.

Especially if I take a second serving immediately after the run. I have also used it prior to bedtime and notice I no longer have restless legs.

Overall, I am very pleased with the product for both taste and effectiveness. Great price point and truly effective.

-Cody, Graduate student


Feel Better all the Time – an Easy Life-altering Change

Using Krampade every day gives your body the potassium it needs to function it’s best. For many it is almost like turning back the clock on father time. Just like with Eric, things that we think are just a part of getting old may just be from a lifetime of low potassium as Jersey Joe can attest.


For me I always suspected I didn’t have enough potassium in my diet, and one day I made the “mis- take” of looking it up. So after realizing there’s NO WAY I can eat that many baked potatoes every day, or THAT many bananas everyday (to be honest I don’t like vegetables).

I tried Krampade, the giga-Gatorade. Mind blown. I had the best workouts I’ve had in 10 years.

It’s like I could feel every fiber in the muscle fire off….I had focus, endurance, and strength, tons of it. If you’re on the fence, I can’t recommend it enough – I don’t shut up about it to friends!”

-Jersey Joe


So do what Joe did and give Krampade a go today.

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