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Original Lemon Lime Compilation
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We're such big believers in our product that if Krampade doesn't relieve your cramps simply send your unused product back, and we'll refund 100% of your purchase.

The Best Choice For Rapid Cramp Relief

Nightly leg and foot cramps are a disaster when you want to get a good night's sleep. When you mix our Krampade powder with water, you'll get a fantastic remedy that will prevent, reduce and eliminate those painful nightly leg and foot cramps. Sleep sound right through the night with Krampade!

How Krampade Helps



High potassium helps to regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals. A high-potassium diet may help reduce blood pressure, protect against stroke, prevent osteoporosis, and aid digestion.



Magnesium is necessary for the regulation of muscle contractions. Magnesium Chloride is also the most absorbable bio available form of magnesium.


Diabetic Friendly

Zero sugar formulations are critical to alleviate cramps in people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Leg pain and cramping are frequently associated with diabetes and with metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes).


Best Products for Relief

Krampade Original 1K Lemon Lime Bulk


a potassium supplement for senior consumers who may be concerned about their potassium consumption due to decreased renal function. 1 or 2 servings each day is recommended.

Available in Reduced Sugar

Krampade Original Orange Single


Krampade 2K is an excellent product for preventing and relieving cramps in a wide variety of people. The go-to solution that satisfies the majority of people's needs.

Available in Reduced & Zero Sugar

Krampade 2.0 Lemon Lime


The best solution for preventing and relieving cramps for people who want a low-sodium, magnesium containing product. 

Available in Reduced & Zero Sugar

Our Happy Customers

Krampade Customer Survey

Krampade has been life changing for me! I would not be able to live without it.  Thank you.


Google Review

I was experiencing leg and foot cramps nearly every night when going to bed. On some nights, I had to get up and "walk it off" or attempt to walk it off. Then I tried Krampade. It was amazing! It tastes great and it really works! I have been using it for almost two years now and would recommend it to anyone who is having problems with cramps!


Patent Attorney

I am a patent attorney with 20+ years of experience and also happen to hold a PhD in Biochemistry.  My wife tried everything for relief from leg and hand cramps.  Nothing really worked until "The Miracle of Krampade". Truly Amazing Product. TRY IT - it is now on the bedside cabinet.


Marion Ohio

I was in denial about how bad my leg cramps were.  My husband had been drinking Krampade for nine months and told me how well it worked for him.  It took me a couple days to get used to the taste but now I love it, and it really does work!  I can't believe it took me this long to finally try it!


Having a tough time deciding?

Try our Family Variety Bundle and find out which formula works best for relieving your cramps!

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