Hydration & Cramp Relief all in one

Krampade's potassium-rich formula is guaranteed to hydrate you while preventing, relieving & eliminating painful cramps or your money back!

Original Lemon Lime Compilation
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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We're such big believers in our product that if Krampade doesn't relieve your cramps simply send your unused product back, and we'll refund 100% of your purchase.

The Best Choice For Rapid Cramp Relief

Repetitive tasks can cause painful cramping due to the use of the same muscles throughout the work day. When you mix our Krampade powder with water, you'll get a fantastic remedy that will reduce and eliminate those painful cramps. Get Krampade and maximize your productivity!

How Krampade Helps



High potassium helps to regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals. A high potassium diet may help reduce blood pressure, protect against stroke, increase heat tolerance, and aid digestion.



Magnesium is necessary for the regulation of muscle contractions and many other processes. Magnesium Chloride is the most absorbable bio available forms of magnesium. This is a synergistic solution for alleviating cramping and promoting muscle recovery.

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High potassium and chloride help maintain proper hydration. Potassium and chloride also provide immediate and continuous protection from heat stress and slows muscle fatigue helping to maximize your productive day.


Best Products for Relief

Krampade Original Orange Single


An excellent product for preventing and relieving cramps in a wide variety of people. Mixing in this 2000mg of potassium solution satisfies the majority of people's needs.

Available in Reduced & Zero Sugar

Krampade 2.0 Lemon Lime


The best solution for preventing and relieving occupational cramps and the go-to product for most people's needs. One to three servings per day is recommended.

Available in Reduced & Zero Sugar

Don't just take our word for it!


Facebook Review

So hard to get Potassium. This is how you do it. From active people that work construction like myself to my father going through chemotherapy. Stuff is top notch when it comes to hydration.


Google Review

This product and the management are great. I use it after strenuous activities and when I feel cramps starting to come on. It really does help keep cramps away!

St. Louis

October 2021

Good product, no more agonizing leg cramp wake up calls in the middle of the night after working outside all day.


December 2021

I do physical work outside. One summer I couldn't drive home after work because the cramping was so bad. I figured I'd just take potassium pills. A year later I finally looked at the bottle: 1/2 a bananas worth. A complete waste. Krampade isn't just another sports drink like I thought at first. The key is it's packed with potassium and virtually eliminates cramping.


Having a tough time deciding?

Try our Family Variety Bundle and find out which formula works best for relieving your cramps!

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