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Benefits of
for Menstrual Cramps

Each month your uterus runs a marathon. Just like a marathon runner may experience a leg cramp, with the enhanced muscle activity during your period, you may experience menstrual cramps. Keeping the right electrolyte balance is critical to keep these from occurring.

So, to help you finish this monthly marathon, you need to make sure that your POTASSIUM intake is high. That is where Krampade comes in!

Krampade 2K has 2,000 mg of potassium per serving, the essential electrolytes needed for a less painful period. In fact we have a lot of customers who find that Krampade even helps relieve the dreadful pain asso- ciated with endometriosis.

Product Highlight

Krampade 2K is ideal for daily use to keep potassium levels optimized. With 2,000 mg of potassium per serving, the equivalent of 5 bananas, our 2K lineup is the best daily source of potassium. Let us help you reach your recommended daily intake of potassium.


Did You Know


93% of teenage girls experience
menstrual cramps


Among all women 60% experience
period cramps


99% of women do not get enough potassium in their diet, with teenage girls only consuming an average
2,000 mg per day

Women over 20 consume an average of
2,400 mg per day

Recommended daily intake (RDI) is 4,700 mg, so the average woman consumes
about half of that amount. Wow, that is a big deficiency!

• To make matters worse, active women need an additional 250 mg of potassium for every hour of exercise.
• Adding Krampade everyday fills this need and prevents menstrual cramps.
So, why suffer?

More Product Highlight


Krampade Original is available in 2K (2,000 mg potassium per serving) and 4K (4,000 mg potassium per serving) formulations and available in full, reduced, and ZERO sugar.


Krampade 2.0 is our second-generation formulation that has less sodium than our Original formulation and 50 mg of highly absorbed magnesium. Available in 2K (2,000 mg potassium per serving) and 4K (4,000 mg potassium per serving) formulation and in full, reduced, or ZERO sugar.


Krampade Fiber has all of the electrolytes found in Krampade 2.0 plus 9 g of soluble prebiotic fiber per serving, about twice the amount found in the leading product. A great pregame drink to keep hunger away during competition. Feel full without being bogged down!

Always get the cramp relief you need with Krampade.


Why Krampade is Needed and How it Works

Your uterus is contracting and relaxing repeatedly during your period. During each contraction, potassium moves from inside the cells to outside, and is pumped back in as the muscle relaxes. However, not all of this potassium is taken back into the muscle. With repeated contractions more and more potassium is lost from the muscle. Eventually there isn’t enough potassium left in the uterus for it to relax and a painful cramp occurs.

Krampade 2K has the optimal amount of potassium to give your uterus the potassium needed for normal function. When used regularly, prevents menstrual cramps from occurring. If a cramp does occur, the Krampade 4K is designed to very quickly resolve severe, active cramps.

Not only do menstrual cramps become a thing of the past, but by having the uterus function properly your period tends to become both lighter and shorter. Just what every woman wants! Krampade is the natural and most effective way to prevent the pain of period cramps.

Don’t mask the pain with pills, give your uterus what it’s screaming for with Krampade.

Get the Comfort you Deserve!

Benefits of Optimal Potassium


Eliminate cramps of all kinds

  • Having adequate potassium in your diet helps prevent cramps of all kinds. Whether it is a menstrual cramp during your cycle, acramp at night while sleeping, or cramps during or after your work out.
  • A life lived with Krampade is a life lived without fear of cramps.

Stop symptoms of PMS

  • Supplementing the diet with 600 mg of potassium per day is clinically proven to stop symptoms of severe PMS in only 3 cycles. Krampade 2K has 2,000 mg of potassium per serving and replenishes potassium in your body even faster.
  • Always be yourself by keeping your potassium levels optimized with Krampade.

Better athletic performance, endurance, and faster recovery

  • Potassium loss in muscle tissue is the number one factor in fatigue associated with moderate to intense exercise. By optimizing potassium levels with Krampade, you’ll have better workouts and have faster recovery both during and after exercise.
  • Have the best athletic performance of your life.

More energy and focus, less brain fog

  • Increasing dietary potassium with Krampade not only gives the potassium needed for the best muscle function, but also gives your brain potassium needed for optimal brain health.
  • Get the energy and focus of caffeine without the crash.

How Much Potassium You Need


2,000 mg of potassium is the equivalent of consuming 5 bananas. The RDI for potassium is 4,700 mg of potassium each day, or roughly 11 bananas. Or about 5 medium potatoes.

The average woman ONLY consumes about 2,400 mg of potassium each day. Simply consuming 1 serving of 2K per day means that the average woman nearly meets her RDI.

Our general recommendation is to consume two servings of 2K per day to start, one in the morning and one in the evening, though your needs may vary.

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How Krampade Started for Nighttime Leg Cramps


Our CEO, Eric Murphy, invented Krampade to solve his own chronic cramping issues that he suffered through his whole life. This proved remarkably effective, making his cramps a thing of the past.

When his daughter started suffering from menstrual cramps, he recom- mended that she give it a try. She went from missing school due to her severe cramps to being cramp-free. Imagine, no fear of missing out when your period occurs, no more planning events around your period, and no more period pain.

To top it off, her periods became lighter and shorter as her uterus had the potassium it needs for optimal function. Krampade has proven to be a life-changing product for women across the United States. Even those suffering from endometriosis have found awe-in spiring relief by simply using Krampade daily.

But don’t take our word for it:

There are so Many More Stories


Krampade is the [menstrual] cramp bomb! I had debilitating, brutal, incapacitating cramps! Month 2 using Krampade, I have not needed ANY of the things I normally do! Total game changer!


Great product for “women’s issues”. If you’re having some serious menstrual cramps this stuff is no joke. I use it monthly so I can function as I get pretty serious pain…This is the CURE ALL!  Thank you Krampade!


Krampade has greatly reduced the painful cramping that I experience regularly when I was on my cycle.  I had to get used to the slightly salty flavor, but the quick cramping relief easily made my taste buds adjust, and now I like the taste


My daughter suffers from Endometriosis and every few months suffers absolutely debilitating stomach cramps during her menstrual cycle.  A friend whom works as a nurse and also suffers from Endometriosis swears by your product so we decided to give it a try.  My daughter is so happy with the results she’ll be a customer for a long time



Additional Benefits for Pregnancy

Krampade also works to stop cramps frequently seen during pregnancy. For pregnant and lactating women, the RDI for potassium is 5,100 mg of potassium per day. Remember, the average woman consumes ONLY about 2,400 mg of potassium each day.

Leg cramps at night are a frequent problem for pregnant women. These cramps are caused by potassium moving out of the muscles and into other parts of the body, such as the heart and brain, as well as to the growing baby.

Krampade gives the body the potassium it needs during pregnancy, so keep using it even when not cycling.

Just hear what Jenna, a school teacher, has to say:


As a woman, Krampade has provided me with great relief. I have use Krampade to quickly relieve my menstrual cramps. Now, as I progress further into my pregnancy, I have experienced frequent nighttime cramps in my legs. Downing a glass of Krampade before I go to bed has put a stop to these painful cramps, which during my previous pregnancies had kept me awake into the early morning hours.

-Jenna, school teacher


Feel Better All the Time

Krampade isn’t just for your period. Using Krampade daily simply helps your body function its best. From head to toe, every part of your body depends upon potassium. Simply getting enough each day will mean better health, both physically and mentally.

For more information on all the things Krampade does for women’s health see our blog post here.

So do what Jenna did and give Krampade a go today.

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