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We're such big believers in our product that if Krampade doesn't relieve your cramps simply send your unused product back, and we'll refund 100% of your purchase.

Why Use Krampade?

Just a single serving a day of Krampade 2K (2000 mg of potassium) or Krampade 2.0 2K (with magnesium and lower sodium) helps you reach the FDA-recommended daily intake. If you're an active person, an additional serving will undoubtedly help you feel and perform your best!

How Much Potassium Do You Need?
The daily potassium recommendation set up by the FDA for best nutrition is 4700 mg of potassium per day. For every hour of exercise or other physical activity, an additional 250 mg of potassium is needed to replace what is lost. The average American only consumes 2600 mg of potassium each day. Adding a just single serving of Krampade 2K each day nearly reaches the daily need for each person. We recommend 2 servings per day for an active person as a starting point for optimal health and performance.

Potassium is Powerful


Every system in the body requires potassium to perform to its very best. Krampade's potassium-rich formula can:

Enhance Focus, Less Mental Fog

Improve Visual Acuity

Help Improve Digestion

Stop Period Cramps

Help Balance & Coordination

Reduce Heat Stress & Improve Hydration

Enhance Muscle Performance

Reduce Fatigue & Prevent Cramps

Top Selling Potassium-Packed Products



Krampade 2K is the go-to potassium solution that satisfies the majority of people's needs. An excellent product for your potassium intake and while also preventing and relieving cramps in a wide variety of people.

Available in Reduced & Zero Sugar

Krampade 2.0 Lemon Lime


The best potassium solution for preventing and relieving cramps and another go-to product for most people's needs. It is an excellent replacement for current sports drinks or hydration products.

Available in Reduced & Zero Sugar

Krampade Original 4K Single


For rare individuals who lose a lot of potassium daily and are very prone to severe cramps, this product is perfect for giving them daily amounts of potassium needed. Designed for rapid acute cramp relief.

Available in Reduced Sugar

Why Does Krampade Work So Well?


When a muscle cramps, the balance of potassium and sodium is disturbed.  Activity increases potassium loss in the tissue and results in too much sodium inside the muscle tissue and there simply isn't enough potassium to flip the polarity and allow the muscle to relax.

The high potassium in Krampade immediately drives potassium into the tissues and expels sodium, resulting in not only the elimination of the cramp, but also an extended period of normal function, so activity can continue uninterrupted.

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