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Why use Krampade

Just a single serving a day of Krampade 2K (2000 mg of potassium) or Krampade 2.0 2K (with magnesium and lower sodium) helps you reach the FDA-recommended daily intake. If you're an active person, an additional serving will undoubtedly help you feel and perform your best!

The average American only gets half the potassium needed each day. Krampade is the easy way to get your salt right by providing nearly half your daily potassium needs per serving.

The recommended daily intake (RDI) for potassium 4,700 mg. The average American only gets 2,600 mg of potassium each day.

Krampade 2K has 2,000 mg of potassium and is the best source of potassium to quickly, safely, and inexpensively supplement your diet to get you the potassium you need.

We recommend starting with 2 servings of Krampade 2K per day, having one serving in the morning and one serving in the evening. This will give you the daily potassium needed and start to replenish the potassium in the muscles, preventing cramps before they start.

Potassium is Powerful

Every system in the body requires potassium to perform to its very best. Krampade's potassium-rich formula can:

Krampade potassium helps every organ system in the body improving cardiovascular health, mental health, pulmonary health, gut health, muscle health, cramp relief, menstrual cramp relief, athletic performance, diabetes help, weight loss aid, increase metabolic rate

Enhance Focus, Less Mental Fog
Improve Visual Acuity
Help Improve Digestion
Stop Period Cramps
Help Balance & Coordination
Reduce Heat Stress & Improve Hydration
Enhance Muscle Performance
Reduce Fatigue & Prevent Cramps

Benefits of proper potassium


Eliminate cramps of all kinds

Having proper potassium in your diet with Krampade prevents cramps of all kinds, painful nighttime cramps, cramps during or after your workout, and even stops menstrual cramps.


Enhanced athletic performance, endurance, and recovery

Potassium loss in muscle tissue is the number one factor in fatigue associated with moderate to intense exercise. By optimizing potassium levels with Krampade, you’ll have better workouts and have faster recovery both during and after exercise.


Better digestive health and gut motility

When the gut is low on potassium it functions poorly, with slowed digestion and constipation. The potassium in Krampade speeds digestion. As our long-time customer Marv quipped, “it makes me poop like I’m 18 again!”


Better focus and less brain fog

Low potassium slows down brain function resulting in “brain fog.” Krampade has the potassium needed to help the brain function faster, increasing focus and reducing brain fog.

Best Products for Relief



Krampade 2K is the go-to potassium solution that satisfies the majority of people's needs. An excellent product for your potassium intake and while also preventing and relieving cramps in a wide variety of people.

Available in Full, Reduced & ZERO Sugar



The best potassium solution for preventing and relieving cramps and another go-to product for most people's needs. It is an excellent replacement for current sports drinks or hydration products.

Available in Full, Reduced & ZERO Sugar



For rare individuals who lose a lot of potassium daily and are very prone to severe cramps, this product is perfect for giving them daily amounts of potassium needed. Designed for rapid acute cramp relief.

Available in Full, & Reduced Sugar

Feel Better all the Time – an Easy Life-altering Change

Using Krampade every day gives your body the potassium it needs to function it’s best. For many it is almost like turning back the clock on father time. Just like with Eric, things that we think are just a part of getting old may just be from a lifetime of low potassium as Jersey Joe can attest.

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