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Krampade Has Greatly Helped Me

I’m 53, a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 13 (40 years, I maintain good control so no effects from diabetes), and I have always experienced profuse sweating. So finding something that would address muscle spasms and not totally blow up my blood glucose level has always been a challenge.

In the late 1990s, I worked on an archaeological survey at Fort Polk, Louisiana during the summer in the pine forests. Wearing jeans and snake gaiters, after about 2 hours of doing shovel testing, I was soaked in sweat and experienced muscle spasms. The solution I found then was to drink a “11.5 fl oz Low Sodium V8” (1250mg Potassium, 25% RDA) before and after work. This worked but who wants to drink a heavy tomato juice before excessive exercise?

On cave trips and outdoor exercise, I have also used “Pedialyte Classic Powder Packs.” I would use 1 or more at a time. Each packet supplies 370mg, 8% RDA of potassium. But the issue here is that these are relatively expensive for the amount I had to use.

And then I found “Krampade!” I have used both “Krampade 2.0 2K Zero Sugar” and “Krampade 2.0 2K Reduced Sugar.” The powder is easy to mix in water. “Krampade” has made a huge difference in my being able to hike and carry a heavy pack in the high humidity of Tennessee. It has prevented muscle spasms, and if I feel one coming on, drinking a mixture of “Krampade” very quickly prevents a spasm from escalating. I have also noticed a positive difference in recovery afterwards.

“Krampade” is both highly effective and inexpensive! Plus, it is a US based company. The customer service has been outstanding! I want to say thanks to Dr. Eric Murphy, CEO, for going the extra mile in terms of customer service! This is a company that you want to do business with and I will continue to achieve my goals using their product! Thanks

-Jason Wyatt, Business Owner

Keto Cramps Be Gone!!

I eat a very strict keto/carnivore diet and have so for a while. I was beginning to experience leg cramps in the middle of the night which were so unbearable that I considered abandoning my diet all together.  As a nurse, I realized that I was either Hyponatremic or Hypokalemic. I increased my salt intake with no luck.  I found Krampade and added it into my daily electrolyte regimen, and like magic, my cramps disappeared! Thanks Eric and everyone at Krampade for allowing me to stay true to my diet while maintaining the perfect fluid/electrolyte balance!

-Ali, Nurse

No More Calf Cramps!

I used to struggle with strong calf cramps and wear calf sleeves to get through games. Now with a scoop of Krampade in my water prior to skating I notice I have full strength all game. I may not be faster but I feel stronger and skate hard to the last shift. I also feel better post game and have starting putting a little in my preworkout for lifting. Other members of my family have been labeled potassium deficient I think I may be as well. So glad I found this in USA Hockey Magazine.

-Anthony, Hockey Player

Only Thing That Works

Just want you to know that I have come to rely very heavily on your product to prevent cramping during and after my hockey games. For me at least it's the only thing that really works. I am 60 years old and have been playing for about 50 years. Thanks for making such an effective and affordable product!!

-Greg, Hockey Player, Phoenix, AZ

Worked for my Leg Cramps!

I was in denial about how bad my leg cramps were. My husband had been drinking Krampade for nine months and told me how well it worked for him. It took me a couple days to get used to the taste but now I love it, and it really does work! I can't believe it took me this long to finally try it!

-Michelle, Marion, OH

No Fear of Cramps, Free to Sweat

I'm very grateful for Krampade. I used to get some serious cramps after vigorous workouts, long runs, or any activity where I worked up an intense sweat. The cramping came on suddenly, was very painful, and usually occurred while I was sleeping. I tried drinking lots of water, and other sports drinks, but nothing really eliminated the cramping.

I heard about Krampade and thought, what do I have to lose? I mixed up a batch of Orange 2K and drank it after a sweaty hockey game and that night I didn't cramp. However, I was skeptical and decided to try an experiment where the next time I played hockey I would drink only water. That night I cramped while watching the evening news. I hobbled to the kitchen in serious pain and mixed up a serving of 2K and swigged it down. It took about 15 minutes before the cramps started to dissipate. That's when I became a believer.

I now drink a serving before and after I workout. I can honestly say I do not suffer from painful cramping anymore. Krampade allows me to sweat without the fear of night cramps.

-Marv, Hockey Player, Grand Forks, ND

Worked for my Leg Cramps!

My issue is having cramps while running, normally after 15 - 16 km. Every time I try to run a half-marathon, I always suffer in the last 4-5 km and I never make a time that is representative of my ability.

The first time I tried Krampade was last Sunday in the Vienna Half-Marathon and I made a Personal Best. I had consumed a Krampade 2K the day before and I had a Krampade 4k with me during the race. Cramping occurred again but at a later stage, in a milder way, and was removed after less than one minute from drinking the 4K.

I managed to complete the race better than ever before.

I hope that in the future things will be even better for me.

I really feel it works for me. Thanks for the help.

-Kostas, Runner, Greece.

Krampade Stops Severe Cramps for this Firefighter

I'm a heavy sweater and, even though I have a high tolerance for the cold, I sweat in the winter especially when there is work to be done. During the summer of 2018 I ran into them at the NATA convention in New Orleans and they were incredibly gracious in providing me with a terrific supply of Krampade to try out. Since June of 2018, I've been using the product to test out, and as of May 2019 I've learned a few things.

I started out with "pre-loading" in the morning with the 2K in a 20 oz water bottle before work and maintained my normal levels of hydration through the day (we do 24 hour shifts). In July and August temperatures can easily reach 100 degrees and it wasn't working for me. I would still cramp after a fire, training, or being out doing other tasks throughout the day. I started doubling that for the morning (4K). After a heavy work load, high temperatures, and a lot of sweaty clothing changes, I would still come back and follow up with a 2K.

I noticed a difference almost right away. While I was still cramping, they were not as severe and seemed to dissipate faster with a follow up of the 2K but I was still cramping for hours after and would actually consume the 2K a few more times.

Then I changed again to a 4K in the morning and a 4K when returning from a heavy work load. The occurrence of cramping after heavy work days dropped almost 90%. On really bad dog days of summer and extensive work loads I would still cramp up after returning to the station. Consuming a 4K once the cramping started would stop the cramping within 30-45 min.

Over the winter months I changed my consumption of Krampade to test it again. I went back to the 2K and during heavy work loads (which actually occur more in the winter) I would still cramp. I followed the exact same procedure I detailed above and achieved the exact same results even though I did not cramp up as much on a regular working basis during the winter months. With normal winter operations I was able to drink the morning amount of Krampade and not have any cramping or have the need to follow up with a second serving.

-Seth, Firefighter, Baltimore, MD


Truly Amazing Product

I am a patent attorney with 20+ years of experience and also happen to hold a PhD in Biochemistry. My wife tried everything for relief from leg and hand cramps. Nothing really worked until "The Miracle of Krampade"

- Truly Amazing Product. TRY IT - it is now on the bedside cabinet -

-John, Patent Attorney

Stops Leg Cramps for Returning Player

We had a player coming back from an injury that required him to be off 12 weeks. He was still out of shape when he returned to play and would get leg cramps from skating harder in games. He would take Krampade and have no issues the rest of the game.

-Todd, Athletic Trainer, USHL Hockey

180 km in 6 days Cramp AND Ache Free!

Krampade brought me across a German long-distance hiking trail along the Rhine river, 180 k in 6 days without a single cramp, and lemony-tasty all the way. Thanks for helping me enjoy the landscape instead of worrying about muscle aches!

-Laura, Germany

Stops Leg Cramps for Returning Player

After a lifetime of cramping, now that I take my 2K every morning, I don't cramp anymore!!

-Brian, retired Lutheran Pastor, Scottsdale, AZ.

Helps Me Dance My Best

As a competitive ballroom dancer Krampade helps my calf and ankle cramping before and after I dance. I practice ballroom 3-5 hours per week and perform in shows and local competitions, this Krampade formula has made a difference in preventing and alleviating very painful muscle cramps. Thanks for both formulas!

-Nicki, Ph.D./NSF Fellow

Undefeated State Champions

Huge shout out to the Krampade family! We have struggled with cramps in years past. This year with the help of Krampade we were able to keep our players on the field the whole season cramp free! We went undefeated and won the state championship!

-Coach Freeman, High School Football, ACCS Natchez, MS

Great for CrossFit!

Not only does Krampade prevent and help with muscle cramping, but it also helps with muscle recovery in general. And it gives you AMAZING ENERGY. Everyone at the @ruthlessinpursuit camp drank this right before lifting and we all go AMPED UP and had TONS of energy, with no crash afterwards. I can't even explain it, I just felt so good.

-Rachel, CrossFit Coach, Instagram

Krampade Makes Me More Confident

I feel more confident having Krampade at hand…. it works on my leg, foot, and hand cramps and my son's leg cramps from doing boat refinishing every day, mountain biking, and other sports.

-Fran, San Diego

Helps with Muscle Pumps

This product is hands down the best thing on the market if you struggle with muscle cramps, and it really helps with muscle pumps.

Oliver, Body Builder, Instagram

Menstrual Cramps, Bye Felicia!

Krampade is the cramp bomb! I had debilitating, brutal, incapacitating cramps! Month 2 using Krampade, I have not needed ANY of the things I normally do! Total game changer!

-Jamie, Consultant, Testimonial

Great Product for "Women's Issues"

Great product for "women's issues". If you're having some serious menstrual cramps this stuff is no joke. I use it monthly so I can function as I get pretty serious pain… This is the CURE ALL! Thank you Krampade!

-Jenn, Google Review

Nighttime Charlie Horses are Gone

I have had problems with charlie horses for years. Nothing I have tried has helped, until now. No more jumping out of bed in the middle of the night like a rocket because they are so bad.

I would recommend this to anyone! It has been the only thing to help me.

-Jill, Testimonial

Krampade is a Game Changer

Krampade is a game changer for me! I can now workout and go running without intense side cramps that held me back. Also as a woman, it takes care of those irritating monthly cramps.

-Holly, Google Review

Your Products Have Done Wonders for Me!

I've been using your products for awhile now and love them! I feel like they've helped me so much with my performance! I want to help other people with their performance too so that they can become the best they are meant to be. I truly believe that your products have done wonders for me!

-Tiana, CrossFit, WI

Fantastic Product!

A fantastic product! It pushes me through all my workouts and I'm always hydrated!

-Isaac, Marathon Runner, Brooklyn, NY

Krampade Alone Solves Chronic Toe Cramps

I just have to tell you what a miracle drink this is. I do not have toe cramps anymore! I haven't done anything else different. I usually drink half a glass everyday. My husband can't believe it! I just tell him it's the Krampade and nothing else. I'm thrilled about this product!

-Nancy, Grand Forks, ND

Free to Play My Bass

I'm a 58 year old part time bass player, and most nights I hit a wall where my left (fingering) hand/arm cramps up… sometimes my right (picking) hand too… and if I try to sing, my sides will cramp.

Now, before I play, I mix 2 scoops of 1K with ice water in a 52 oz Bubba Keg; that's what I drink during the gig. I also mix a scoop of 4K into a bottle of water and keep it handy in case of active cramping. I haven't had to drink the 4K in months… just hydrating with Krampade does the trick. Thanks!

-Alan, Bassist

Lifetime of Cramping Solved

I have struggled with dehydration and cramping my entire hockey career. Since I have started using Krampade, I have not had any issues during games or practices. This product allows me to focus fully on my play, rather than my hydration levels. I would recommend Krampade to any athletes who are heavy sweaters or frequently cramp during intense exercise.

-Clarke, Professional Ice Hockey Goalie

Great Product, Great Service

Simply an awesome product and a team that stands behind it. Relieved an 8 year cramping issue I had, plus the company gets customer service and truly wants to make sure you are successful using the products. Very impressed and glad I am using it.

-Steve, Marathon Runner

Krampade Eliminates Cramps and Reduces Fatigue

My son went from every other day having severe leg cramps to 0 leg cramps since starting Krampade! Even I have been using it as a pre workout drink. I feel it helps me from fatiguing too quickly plus I feel it tastes better than other sports drinks. This is a great product and I will be sharing this around where I can. We are so glad we saw your product in the USA hockey magazine.

-Edward, Massena, NY

Krampade Relieves Menstrual Cramps and Pregnancy-induced Nighttime Leg Cramps.

Krampade Relieves Menstrual Cramps and Pregnancy-induced Nighttime Leg Cramps.

As a woman, Krampade has provided me with great relief. I have used Krampade to quickly relieve my menstrual cramps. Now, as I progress further into my pregnancy, I have experienced frequent nighttime cramps in my legs. Downing a glass of Krampade before I go to bed has put a stop to these painful cramps, which during my previous pregnancies had kept me awake into the early morning hours.

-Jenna, School Teacher

No More Fear of Cramps

I sincerely want to thank you for relieving my cramps when I play basketball or go for a long bike ride. I have been a chronic cramper since high school, playing in soccer tournaments. I have eaten so many bananas in my life time and they never seem to get rid of my cramps. People tell me to eat kiwi as well, but that never seemed to help either. I always cramp up when I ride 15+ miles on my bike. I know that when I hit 15 miles I will cramp, so I have to stop and stretch. Since I have been taking Krampade, I have not gotten a single cramp! I rode 50 miles on my bike and played basketball on the same day and did not get a single cramp. I want to thank you for allowing me to enjoy physical activity. I have even noticed more energy during my rides. I have no fear of cramping up now because of you.


- Reuben, Physical Therapist


Wedding Saved from Back Pain

My back occasionally gives me pain but recently it was so intense that my back muscles would spasm every time I inhaled or swallowed. My wedding was in two days and I did not know how I was going to organize everything and get through it; my back took two weeks to recover the last time it was in so much pain. Fortunately, my friend came into town and brought some Krampade. Drinking Krampade made a huge difference and my spasms stopped the next day. I was able to move things and dance in two days. In short, Krampade saved my wedding and honeymoon!

- Matthew, Tech Support Engineer and Paintballer

Stopped the Pain, Let Me Sleep

Last night I woke up with a cramp in my left ankle. I tried to stretch it and work it out. Then my right leg cramped up. So I hobbled out to the kitchen to put KRAMPADE to the test. I mixed up a scoop in a glass of water. By the time I had the whole glass drank the cramps in both legs were gone!! AMAZING!!

- Dana, Elementary School Teacher


This ATC is Impressed!

Krampade contacted me to try out their "cramp-relief' products on Deltona High School's athletes. Tried the 4K Lemon Lime tonight on a soccer player who had a cramp in his calf…three sips later and the cramp was gone! This ATC is impressed!


-Ms. Ashley, ATC, Deltona, FL


Great Taste, Less Cramps

Krampade tastes great and really works to relieve my leg cramps. Thanks for the great product.


-Jared, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student


Our Guys Love Krampade

Awesome! My lacrosse guys love it! Every game we play they gotta have it. Haven't had a cramp since we started using it! That says a lot, especially playing in Florida.


-Matt, Collegiate Athletic Trainer, Florida


Awesome Stuff!

I'm a triathlete and this helps prevent cramping really well!

-Rebecca, Athletic Trainer

Life Saver

Awesome! My lacrosse guys love it! Every game we play they gotta have it. Haven't had a cramp since we started using it! That says a lot, especially playing in Florida.

-Matt, Collegiate Athletic Trainer, Florida

Krampade Drastically Increases Quality of Life

Krampade is a great product that has really helped my quality of life tremendously. I cramped up all the time prior to using Krampade. Now I may cramp occasionally, but the severity is much less. Thanks for the great product!!

-Anonymous, Krampade customer survey

Great Flavor and Great for the Hottest Part of the Year

I like Krampade's flavor, and I think it is most beneficial to me in the hottest part of the year. My problem is not dehydration, but hamstring tightness and overtightness.

-Anonymous, Krampade customer survey

Krampade Keeps Running Cramps Away During Hot, Humid Midwest Summers

Krampade has done wonders. I am an avid runner who enjoys running back home in the Midwest where it can be extremely humid. Thus far, I have been on several long runs and have not experienced my usual cramps. This is a grade "A" product.

-Anonymous, Krampade customer survey

Krampade Relieves Pain of Menstrual Cramps

Krampade has greatly reduced the painful cramping that I experience regularly when I was on my cycle. I had to get used to the slightly salty flavor, but the quick cramping relief easily made my taste buds adjust, and now I like the taste!

-Anonymous, Krampade customer survey

Krampade Dissolves Easily and Provides Near Immediate Relief

The powder dissolves very well in water and the substance itself is very easy to drink. It's a little salty at first, but the lemon-lime becomes very apparent after the first few sips. I'll drink the 500 mL serving quickly and experience near immediate cramp relief.

-Anonymous, Krampade customer survey

Krampade Stops Cramping After 20 Mile Run

Great product works very well for me. I have had a cramping problem after 20 mile runs and with Krampade I don't experience the issue anymore.

-Anonymous, Krampade customer survey

Krampade Aids Recovery in Summer Heat

I definitely feel a difference when taking Krampade before working out. I also feel that I recover much more fully and quickly due to Krampade after working outdoors in the summer heat.

-Anonymous, Krampade customer survey

Krampade Aids Visual Tracking and Muscle Recovery

Krampade really helps my visual focus and there is a noticeable difference in tracking the puck when playing ice hockey. It also greatly reduces the time needed between shifts leaving me much more fresh at the end of the game. For repetitive use cramps and the occasional nighttime leg cramp, Krampade provides essentially instant relief and the cramps stay away even as activity continues.

-Anonymous, Krampade customer survey


Krampade Changed My Life

Krampade has been life changing for me! I would not be able to live without it. Thank you.

-Anonymous, Krampade customer survey

Preloading with Krampade Eliminates Cramps

I have completely stopped getting cramps by preloading with Krampade before my workouts.

-Anonymous, Krampade customer survey