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Experience the power of Potassium with Zero Sugar!


Based on science, Not Sweat ®

Potassium to Renew, Recover, and Replenish that is Simple, Fast, and Effective

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Keep in the game cramp free, while enhancing performance and recovery during and after competition.

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Stay on the job with less fatigue and cramp free, while helping to stay hydrated and free of heat stress.

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Tired of searching for a solution to nightmare leg and foot cramps? Look no further.

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The best solution to period cramps is Krampade. A natural alternative to pills.

Everything a Sports Drink Should Be...and Much, Much More...

Krampade Potassium Supplement

Krampade products are a high potassium electrolyte powder, replacing potassium lost in muscles and body through everyday activity.  Our products help stop and prevent cramping, but also enhances performance, speeds recovery after activity, and reduces fatigue, all while optimizing your hydration.

Krampade Fiber Lemon Lime

Krampade Fiber offers soluble fiber (9 g) to enhance digestive health and much more.  More important, it easily replaces two major macronutrient deficiencies in many American's diets, potassium and fiber, all in one convenient low cost product.

krampade 2.0 Lemon Lime

Krampade 2.0 has all the potassium of original Krampade, but less sodium (50 vs 200 mg/serving) with added magnesium (50 mg) all in a single serve package.  Our magnesium is highly absorbable into the body, with over 90% of it absorbed.

Quickly resolves cramps in less than 1 minute

Helps prevent cramp formation

Keeps muscle performance high during activity

Enhances post-activity recovery

Dietary chloride to help move water into cells

Dietary potassium to keep muscle function high

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