I have no fear of cramping up now

Since I have been taking Krampade, I have not gotten a single cramp! I rode 50 miles on my bike and played basketball on the same day.
Reuben, Physical Therapist


Great for period cramps

Great product for "women's issues". If you're having some serious menstrual cramps this stuff is no joke. I use it monthly so I can function as I get pretty serious pain... This is the CURE ALL! Thank you Krampade!
Jenn, Google review


Krampade saved my wedding and honeymoon!

My wedding was in two days... drinking Krampade made a huge difference and my spasms stopped the next day.
Matthew, Tech Support Engineer and Paintballer


Krampade allows me to focus fully on my play

I have struggled with dehydration and cramping... Since I started using Krampade, I have not had any issues during games or practices.
Clarke, Professional Ice Hockey Goalie


I definitely feel a difference when taking Krampade

I feel that I recover much more fully and quickly due to Krampade after working outdoors in the summer heat.
Anonymous, Krampade customer survey


Great product that works very well

I have had a cramping problem after 20 mile runs and with Krampade I don’t experience the issue anymore.
Anonymous, Krampade customer survey


Near immediate cramp relief

The powder dissolves very well in water and the substance itself is very easy to drink. I experience near immediate cramp relief.
Anonymous, Krampade customer survey

Complete Electrolyte Replacement

Krampade has a form of potassium that is quickly absorbed when it is consumed. Daily use of our lower potassium formulations (1K and 2K) will prevent the onset of chronic cramping and when cramps do occur, our high potassium formulation (4K) quickly resolves acute cramping.

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Official Performance Drink

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Quickly resolves cramps in less than 1 minute

Helps prevent cramp formation

Keeps muscle performance high during competition

Enhances post-practice and post-competition recovery

Dietary chloride to help move water into cells

Dietary potassium to keep muscle function high

Made for everyone, it’s not just another sports drink.



Finish the game on your time, not your cramps’ time.



Keeping cramps from keeping you from the job.



Get that beauty sleep that you deserve.



Never let your time of the month slow you down.


Krampade is now available at these fine retailers!

Krampade is an
anti-cramping drink

It rapidly helps stop acute cramping in generally less than 1 minute and when used daily helps prevent chronic muscle cramping.

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