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Your Dad Rocks...

man playing bass guitar

Krampade hydrates better, helping keep his vocal cords fresh.

Krampade helps reduce fatigue so the show can go on.

Krampade prevents cramping to keep his fingers rocking.

...Don't let Cramps be the Showstopper

Krampade provides the potassium to help stop and prevent cramping while enhancing muscle performance, speeding recovery, enhancing hydration and reducing fatigue.

Krampade is the world's BEST performance drink!

Don't Take Our Word for It!

See what Alan has to say:

I'm a 58 year old part time bass player, and most nights I hit a wall where my left (fingering) hand/arm cramps up… sometimes my right (picking) hand too… and if I try to sing, my sides will cramp.
Now, before I play, I mix 2 scoops of 1K with ice water in a 52 oz Bubba Keg; that's what I drink during the gig.  I also mix a scoop of 4K into a bottle of water and keep it handy in case of active cramping.  I haven't had to drink the 4K in months… just hydrating with Krampade does the trick.  Thanks!

-Alan, Bassist

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