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What is Krampade®?

Krampade® is a revolutionary approach to sports drinks, providing significant amounts of potassium to help prevent cramping, while enhancing muscle performance and recovery.  In addition, Krampade® increases endurance with superior hydration to combat heat stress.

Our patent-pending formulations provide over 30x more potassium than traditional sports drinks.  This gives athletes the potassium needed for peak performance and recovery.

Why Potassium?

The FDA recommends individuals consume 4,700 mg of potassium daily, or about 11 bananas!  Most individuals lose an additional 250 mg of potassium per hour of vigorous activity.  That’s nearly one banana for every hour of practice or competition!

Potassium deficiency (low tissue levels) can manifest itself in the form of cramping and reduced performance.  Endurance is reduced while heat stress is increased.

Krampade® Advantage

The US Army found recruits lose about 20% of their total body potassium in the first two weeks of basic training.  Importantly, the plasma level of potassium remained unchanged in these recruits.  This tissue potassium deficiency increases susceptibility to heat stress and results in poor training outcomes.  Imagine how much potassium your athletes are losing during training and competition.

When athletes are deficient in potassium, blood flow to skin and muscles decreases, increasing the likelihood of heat stress.  This results in increased cramping and decreased endurance, thus hindering athletic performance and increasing injury potential.

Krampade® is the ONLY product that solves this problem by delivering potassium, an overlooked key electrolyte, to the body.

For Competition…

Using Krampade® regularly during practice and competition allows athletes to go harder and longer. This means better training and a physical and mental edge at those critical moments when competition is won or lost.

Using Krampade® solely for cramps will get athletes right back into competition and allows them to continue competing without the fear of recramping. This means athletes stay in the game, giving your team or individual the best opportunity to win.

Simply put, Krampade® is the only sports drink that gives your athletes a tangible edge over the competition and keeps them in the game!

For Recovery…

Consuming Krampade® after practice and competition will replenish the potassium lost from muscle tissue. This translates into better recovery. The magnesium in Krampade® 2.0 works synergistically with potassium to enhance your athletes’ recovery.

Whether it’s the next play, the next game or the next day, Krampade® helps your athletes recover unlike any other sports drink in the WORLD.

For Female Athletes…

Krampade® isn’t just for exercise-associated muscle cramps. Krampade® is also the best solution for menstrual cramps that plague many female athletes.

Simply give your female athletes the potassium their body needs to reduce the incidence and severity of their menstrual cramps. Keep your female athletes at their best no matter when competition or training occurs.

Krampade® is the ONLY product that provides effective menstrual cramp relief.

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