In addition to working for the everyday cramp relief, Krampade works to help prevent nighttime leg and foot cramps. These types of cramps frequently plague people as they age and are an all too often source of pain for many older individuals.
To help prevent this nightly torment, we recommend taking your favorite 2K in the morning followed by another 2K that evening. If a cramp does occur, taking a 2K at the onset of the cramp should provide relief.
Individuals who have Type 2 diabetes are also very prone to cramping and yes, there is a Krampade product for you. We currently have all of our formulations available in Lemon Lime in a reduced sugar form. Give these a try!
For those with age-related reduction in kidney function 1K can be used in lieu of 2K, but may need to be taken midday as well. Should a cramp occur, use 2K for relief.
If you have significantly reduced kidney function or kidney disease, please consult with your physician about what is the best strategy to offer you relief from your cramps using the Krampade product line. If you have heart arrhythmia or other heart disease, you should also consult your physician prior to using the Krampade product line.



1K is designed to help prevent cramps for those with a reduction in kidney function.


Try 1K reduced sugar – all the same benefits as 1K with half the calories.


Use 2K to help prevent nighttime leg and foot cramps.  2K can also be used to help relieve onsetting cramps.


Try 2K reduced sugar – all the same benefits as 2K with half the calories.