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Cramp During or After Sex, a Real Bummer…Krampade is Your Solution.

As a medical school professor, I get to lecture on a lot of interesting topics, so after all these years, I’ll breach one many of us don’t want to talk about.  That is cramps during sex.  Nothing really cramps your style like throwing a hamstring cramp right when either you or your partner is climaxing.  Yes, nothing ruins a great orgasm like a cramp.  Talk about awkward.

Try to stay engaged while trying to straighten a leg or twisting in this or that direction desperately trying to get the cramp to go away.  Sort of cools off the activity, leaving either one or both of you yearning for a bit more.

Ok, so what is the solution to this problem? Simple, your go-to performance drink in the bedroom is Krampade.  Or anywhere else you tend to partake in your sexual activity.  Sure, we’re a great product for all kinds of cramps, including those suffered by many women during their menstrual cycle.  But we’re also great for those cramps from the physical activity that many of us enjoy, even those of us in the white hair age group.

A little 2K prior to any planned activity will help keep those cramps at bay.  If you do feel a twinge, take a break and have a little more…Krampade that is!  That will get you back for more of the other activity.

Better yet, if you suffer from cramps rather routinely, then you may be a twice a day 2K guy or gal, which will keep those cramps away while also enhancing performance and recovery.  Oh, yes, did I just say those key words?  Performance and recovery.

You see, keeping your potassium in your muscles and other body parts, enhances your ability to recover from vigorous exercise, in this case a bit of sex with your partner.  You’re not worried about having a cramp, permitting you to just have a better time.  Yes, that means you may be performing better, a little more vigorous as you’re not really worried about cramping.

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