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Krampade and Clarke Saunders enter into a long-term endorsement agreement

LINCOLN, Nebraska, July 3, 2017 Krampade, LLC, a Lincoln-based company focused on electrolyte replacement to mitigate cramps and to enhance athletic performance, announces it is has reached a long-term endorsement agreement with Mr. Clarke Saunders, a former University of North Dakota goal tender who played professionally with the Colorado Eagles of the East Coast Hockey League and the San Jose Barracuda of the American Hockey League.

“We’re really excited about adding Clarke to our endorsers for a number of key reasons. Clarke is a athlete who transferred to UND after playing two years at the University of Alabama Huntsville, demonstrating he is willing to challenge himself by playing at one of the best programs in collegiate hockey. Second, he is a guy who just simply perseveres. He hasn’t taken the easiest route to the AHL, but clearly his hard work and dedication to the game are critical components to his success. His presence will help us continue building our brand identity in a very competitive sports drink market, especially in ice hockey” says Eric J. Murphy, CEO.

“Krampade’s North Dakota roots run very deep and our association with men’s ice hockey at UND is a Cinderella-like story waiting to be told. This agreement with Clarke is special because is the first former UND player at the professional ranks to embrace our product and consistently use it to help him play at a higher level,” he said.

More importantly, “Clarke is a very driven young man of high character, clearly the type of athlete with whom Krampade wants to establish a long-term relationship. We have been closely watching Clarke’s numbers this year at both the ECHL and AHL level and we felt the time was right to bring him on board”, said Murphy.

“As an athlete who has dealt with severe cramping for most of my adult life, I am extremely excited and passionate to be joining the Krampade team. This product has allowed me to continue to play at the level I believe I can. There was a point this year that I was worried about my future in hockey due to cramping. Since using Krampade, I now know that this is no longer an issue”, said Saunders.

“Fundamentally, what sets Krampade apart from the other products in the market place is that we are focused on rapidly replenishing potassium to reduce the occurrence of cramps while at the same time enhancing and maintaining a high level of athletic performance. As we move forward, we will continue to emphasize that we are a product line that functions as an anti-cramping drink as well as a sports drink,” says Murphy. “The beauty of our product line is the depth and breadth of our consumer base, which translates into helping a lot of people resolve their issues with cramping in an effective, cost-efficient manner.”

Krampade, LLC, is a Lincoln, Nebraska-based company focused on mitigating and preventing cramp formation, while enhancing performance using our patent-pending formulation. Their website is at The financial details of this agreement were not disclosed.

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