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Krampade isn't just for athletes. Krampade works for those suffering from cramps induced by repetitive tasks. These cramps are induced from repetitively using the same muscles throughout the day or during someone's work day. Examples include chefs, mechanics, ranchers, construction workers, and other professionals who can all suffer from cramps. Our Krampade line provides a strategy to reduce this cramping and to promote better muscle recovery.

We recommend using our 2K formulations to help prevent cramps, taking a 2K in the morning and another 2K in the evening. If cramps do occur, we recommend using 4K for immediate relief of a cramp when it occurs.

Krampade also works for those working in hot conditions that contribute to sweat-induced cramping. Under these conditions, you might need additional 2K to help offset the loss of potassium under these conditions and use a 4K to quickly stop cramping if it does occur.

No More Fear of Cramps

I sincerely want to thank you for relieving my cramps when I play basketball or go for a long bike ride. I have been a chronic cramper since high school, playing in soccer tournaments. I have eaten so many bananas in my life time and they never seem to get rid of my cramps. People tell me to eat kiwi as well, but that never seemed to help either. I always cramp up when I ride 15+ miles on my bike. I know that when I hit 15 miles I will cramp, so I have to stop and stretch.
Since I have been taking Krampade, I have not gotten a single cramp! I rode 50 miles on my bike and played basketball on the same day and did not get a single cramp. I want to thank you for allowing me to enjoy physical activity. I have even noticed more energy during my rides. I have no fear of cramping up now because of you.

- Reuben, Physical Therapist

What is Best for You?


Krampade 2k

To help prevent cramping before, during, and after competition.


Krampade 2k Reduced Sugar

All the same benefits as 2k with half the calories.


Krampade 4k

For immediate relief of onsettings cramps.


Krampade 4k Reduced Sugar

The same immediate relief as 4k with half the calories.