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KRAMPADE 4K Reduced Sugar


Krampade 4K reduced sugar provides instant cramp relief. Designed for acute, active cramping associated with athletes and athletic competition.

Also designed to give rapid relief for severe cramps. For rare individuals who lose a lot of potassium daily and are very prone to severe cramps, this product is perfect for giving them daily amounts of potassium needed.

Krampade 4K reduced sugar provides instant cramp relief. Designed for acute, active cramping associated with athletes and athletic competition.

Also designed to give rapid relief for severe cramps. For rare individuals who lose a lot of potassium daily and are very prone to severe cramps, this product is perfect for giving them daily amounts of potassium needed.

  • Relief for Severe Cramping
  • Primarily for Athletes
  • Individuals Prone to Severe Cramps
  • Reduced Sugar

Contains four (4) grams of potassium per serving (500 ml, 16.9 oz, 80 cal) and is sweetened with a mix of 4% sucrose and Advantame.  4K Reduced Sugar is recommended for stopping acute, active cramping.  Available only in all natural lemon lime.

Makes 2.5 Gallons (19 servings) and includes a scoop for individual servings.

Weight 1.29 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 5.25 × 8 in
Product Line

Potassium Content

Sugar Content




Ingredients and Nutrition Information


Sugar, Potassium Chloride, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, Natural Flavor,  Advantame®

Nutrition Information

80 Calories, 20 g Carbohydrates (20 g added sugar), 200 mg Sodium 9%, 4000 mg Potassium 85%

26 reviews for KRAMPADE 4K Reduced Sugar

  1. Dana Blum-Chrisman

    Last night I woke up with a cramp in my left ankle. I tried to stretch it and work it out. Then my right leg cramped up. So I hobbled out to the kitchen to put KRAMPADE to the test. I mixed up a scoop in a glasses of water. By the time I had the whole glass drank the cramps in both legs were gone!! AMAZING!!

    • Krampade

      Thanks Dana and we’re thrilled that our product worked well for you. We look forward to your continued orders and please let your friends know how well it worked for you. Your story parallels what our customers routinely tell us, which is Krampade products give them rapid, effective cramp relief. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Eric Murphy, CEO

  2. Sean Moran

    I’m a diabetic and need more potassium in my diet, so I started taking this once daily as part of my regular regimen. This stuff really works for me. I couldn’t be happier.

  3. Tina O

    I bought this drink mix for my husband and I as a potassium supplement. We like the lower sugar availability, but so far the lower sugar is only available in Lemon-Lime. Still good tho. We take the drink with us for workouts and bike rides.

  4. John

    I bought this product because of having severe cramping especially at night. Being concerned about such a high potassium content, I mixed but a tsp. of powder before going to bed and wa la – no cramping at all.
    I only on occasion use it when I feel I’ve over exerted. Am waiting for my wholistic doctor appt. to discuss with her this product and how much I should take. Overall, I am super pleased with Krampade!

  5. Kat

    This has helped with nightly leg cramps. Has eliminated foot cramps too!

  6. Joe

    Used for cramping during field exercises. Taste was pretty rough but it’s function outweighs the flavor.

  7. 1adam12

    Great tasting sports drink supplement! Gives a real boost to potassium levels!! Highly recommended!

  8. Killian

    Use it pregame for football to assist in the prevention of cramps

  9. Court

    I’ve tried all types of hydration products and this is the only one, that I can can say, actually helps me. If you have a problem staying hydrated you might one to give Krampade a try.

  10. Cody

    I have used Krampade for around a year and really like the Lime flavored 4K reduced sugar. I have used it as a pre-and post-workout rehydration solution and it is perfect. When taken before my runs, I notice increased endurance and better recovery. Especially if I take a second serving immediately after the run. I have also used it prior to bedtime and notice I no longer have restless legs.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the product for both taste and effectiveness. Great price point and truly effective.

  11. Pearlmen

    American high quality small business always will support you for life

  12. Grant

    As advertised

  13. Spenser

    This stuff works! Going to try the 2k next time. 4k is really strong.

  14. Aaron Robinson

    I truly appreciate this product. I do seem to feel less muscle soreness just with day to day life. Blood pressure has seemed to improve. Am going to continue to purchase. I agree with earlier review that I would like additional flavors for the low sugar option.

  15. John

    I do physical work outside. One summer I couldn’t drive home after work because the cramping was so bad. I figured I’d just take potassium pills. A year later I finally looked at the bottle: 1/2 a bananas worth. A complete waste. Krampade isn’t just another sports drink like I thought at first. The key is it’s packed with potassium and virtually eliminates cramping.
    Pro Tip: mix with Power or Gatorade (powder) for extra hydration and “improved taste.”

  16. J553

    I am a caregiver for my 100yo mother and she gets cramps occasionally and this has been the ONLY product to stop them within a few seconds. My CrossFit coach gave me this and it was after basically striking out with her doctor who was clueless. Anyway, it really works!

  17. Tim Askelson

    Product arrived on time and worked better than I expected! Consider me a new customer that will continue to utilize this great product. It’s the only thing that I have found to alleviate severe cramps from hiking

  18. Rachel H

    My 3rd review.. I have purchased this like 20 times already.. Buy it.. it is amazing

  19. Brandy Roberts

    Just prepare yourself for the “salty” taste. Unfortunately that’s what potassium taste like and its hard to cover it up. Don’t expect Gatorade when buying this. Overall it fits my needs for reaching my daily potassium intake. Hoping they will offer fruit punch soon in reduced or zero sugar!!! Only giving it 4 stars since the lemon-lime flavor isn’t the best with the salty taste, leaves something to be desired. I did love the handwritten Thank You card in my order and 2 free samples!!

  20. Catherine Binford

    I have been suffering with acute legs cramps for over a year. I have found so much relief crom taking Krampade. I will take it forever.

  21. Julia Aydin

    Amazing product! Works great for my cramps and pain. Not sure what the negative reviews are about.

  22. T.W. Farnsworth

    Lifesaver! Waking up and stretching muscles usually feels good, but sometimes it results in an extremely painful cramp that seemingly just won’t go away, and the older I get, the worse they become. Before discovering Krampade, I’d limp to the kitchen for a banana, multivitamins, & start drinking water like a fish, but I needed a faster solution, especially for mornings when I had to get to work. With regular gym exercise, and fun sports activities like bowling, kayaking, volleyball, etc., I’ve learned that I need a hefty supply of Krampade on hand. It’s medicinal, so I ignore the saltiness, and gulp it down as quickly as possible to alleviate the pain, and I’m thankful.

  23. Linda

    Very happy with product. I will order more

  24. Levi

    The CEO always reaches out or includes a hand-written note thanking me for my purchase. This product is really great if you have cramping issues, or chronic Potassium/Magnesium deficiency!

  25. Chuck Smith

    I was referred this product by a Dr in a safety class at work, ordered said product and I haven’t stopped using it since. This product does and will always get 5 stars from me !!!!!

  26. Reuben Reams

    We have ordered Krampade several times, and each time everything was perfect (from shipping to the product itself.) The taste is rough, but instead of mixing Krampade with water, we found that mixing it with a Gatorade Zero or something similar helps eliminate the salty taste. We both have heart issues, but we both have noticed how much we feel better. Krampade gives us peace of mind.

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