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KRAMPADE 2K Original


Krampade 2K is great for helping prevent cramps and relieves cramps in many individuals.  For athletes and active individuals, it is a great replacement for your current sports drink. This is our go to product that meets most individual’s needs.

Krampade 2K is great for helping prevent cramps and relieves cramps in many individuals.  For athletes and active individuals, it is a great replacement for your current sports drink. This is our go to product that meets most individual’s needs.

  • Cramp Prevention
  • Enhances Performance
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Optimizes Hydration
  • Relief for Minor and Moderate Cramping
  • Drop-in Replacement for Typical Sports Drinks
  • Effective for Menstrual Cramps

Contains two (2) grams of potassium per serving (500 ml, 16.9 oz, 120 cal) and is sweetened with 6% sucrose.  Available in all natural fruit punch, orange and lemon-lime.

Includes a scoop for individual servings.

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 1.7 × 5.3 × 8.6 in
Product Line

Potassium Content

Sugar Content


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Ingredients and Nutrition Information


Full Sugar: Sugar, Potassium Chloride, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, Natural Flavor

Nutrition Information

Full Sugar: 120 Calories, 30 g Carbohydrates (30 g added sugar), 200 mg Sodium 9%, 2000 mg Potassium 43%


34 reviews for KRAMPADE 2K Original

  1. GL Larson

    Krampade does what it says it will do. I’ve suffered from leg & ankle cramps ever since college. Pushing myself to be well hydrated helps but including a 16oz Kramade daily really helps to eliminate the problems. I do wish it tastes better…it has funky “salty, fake flavor” after taste. It’s worth it.

  2. Tanner Lightfoot

    Works amazingly well. I have always struggled with muscle cramps. In the past I have gone so far as to buy horse electrolyte supplements from the feed store.
    This is a much more reasonable option for me.
    I will say that the taste is only slightly better than livestock supplements. Mixed with a little Gatorade it goes down a lot better

  3. St. Louis

    Good product, no more agonizing leg cramp wake up calls in the middle of
    the night after working outside all day.

  4. Wright

    Great stuff! I’ve battled with cramps and fatigue with workouts or long rides on the mtn bike and this stuff helps a ton.

  5. John B

    This is the best stuff ever! Used it when I was training for a half marathon, and helped a lot when i would go the distance!

  6. Rare Reviewer

    Potassium levels tested low; advised to increase intake. One serving about 4 times a week has stopped leg cramps.

  7. Kris

    Quick, reliable shipping. Product is always good.

  8. Shelia


  9. April Garnett

    This is the best potassium supplement out there, most others do not have the amount needed to fulfill daily requirements!

  10. likes2bbusy

    My whole life I’ve had leg & foot cramps with activity. After using this product I can snorkel all day & not get cramps, woo hoo. Amazing!!!

  11. MI1800es

    We got this supplement for my 93 year old Mother, who recently had hip surgery.
    If you are not familiar, lateral hip surgery involves some mind-bending cramps during the recovery process.
    I’ve had 3 such surgeries, and can testify to that. At that time, the best solution I could find was coconut milk. I wish your product was available then!

  12. Franko American

    I have been searching for a high potassium and low sugar product with sodium. Why, I need electrolytes and so do you. Because we don’t get near enough the of the %DV we need. I’m past 60 and an avid road cyclist and mountain biker. If you do not have electrolytes in your system your heart will flutter if you grenade yourself starting out. This happened on a few occasions, I go see my doc and the diagnosis was simple. After searching through several brands this product got my attention quick with the ingredients I wanted and the science behind the product. It works and I actually have one packet per day to supplement my diet as I go on long walks during lunch. I have told my trainer about this product and he got some also. And bam! What a difference for him in the hot Texas sun cycling it made. For me, this is as legit as it gets. As Jocko would say “Get Some!”

  13. Nikki

    Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write a note on the back of the card. Not many take the time to do that. It is a nice touch I think. I bought this for my husband to take but he has not started it just yet. hoping to start it this week. My brother-in-law and sister rec0mmended this. the product arrived early and if this helps my husband i will reorder. Thank you

  14. Cynthia Bagley

    Because I am a dialysis patient, I have some problems with electrolyte imbalances which causes cramps in my hands, legs, and feet. This electrolyte drink was the best one I have found for my needs. It does have a salty taste. Despite this, I can easily drink it and it has helped me with the cramps. I use it almost every day.

  15. Pearlman

    I bought this for months now there is no better product for the price. Running weightlifting no more soreness and cramps no need to drink gallons of water. And produced and supporting local american business

  16. Ryan O

    I bought this stuff because it’s hard to find a high potassium product for a reasonable price. I expected it to be pretty salty judging by the ingredients, but it wasn’t that salty. About on par with concentrated coconut water. Also the lemon lime flavor isn’t overpowering, tastes like muted gatorade. They included free sample packs of Krampade 2.0 (tghe flavor reminded me of Krampade mixed with aloe vera) and a Fiber Krampade (havent tried it yet) in my order, as well as hand written note, which is cool. Hopefully they’ll start selling the Krampade 2.0 in a large bag.

  17. Nate Morris

    This worked after just one try …I was shocked and trust me I have purchased many different types of powders but this one works by far the best ….

  18. God-Follower

    After taking this as directed for a few weeks, my wife is experiencing significantly less cramping than before(including menstrual). Definitely seems to help reduce the severity and even eliminate many of the cramping episodes, but she still gets them once in a great while.

    Still, this product made a big improvement. Flavor is just OK, it’s not something you will likely ever crave but it is at least tolerable. Better than many other OTC solutions we have tried for sure!

  19. Rich P

    Used Krampade to end leg cramps. It works much, much better than other “sports drinks, etc.”

  20. Shawn LaQue

    Got rid of my cramps while lifting.

  21. Rachel H

    This product is exceptional.. Whether you’re an athlete or not.. I have an auttoimme disease and am always cramped up n musle pain, this works instantly and I do mean instantly.. Highly recommend

  22. John Doller

    it does not taste the best but i had gotten lyme disease and at night i got the worst leg cramps this is the only think product that helped me my sister and brother inlaw told me about this product they told me a professor at the university of north dakota developed it it works great

  23. DeD

    Great flavor and works even better than expected. Useful for both summer and winter indoor and outdoor sports.

  24. Michael Luce

    This product really helped me I’ve been having muscle cramps and spasms for some time and after taking this they have alleviated significantly. I think it’s really nice of them that they include a handwritten note from one of the heads of their company and each box. The taste unfortunately is not fantastic. This isn’t really anything to do with anything that is the fault of the company, because you just can’t make larger doses of potassium taste like anything other than salt. The flavorings they do add do a pretty good job of toning down the potassium flavor as much as is possible, and make it very tolerable to drink. Overall I am very happy with this product and the people that make it.

  25. Dwayne Jon

    Purchased this for my High School Athlete (Football, Basketball). This product excels at preventing cramps. We tried many other electrolyte based products – some well known, some not. I read that this was developed by a university and the formula is much higher in Potassium vs. other products. Most other products add a lot of Sodium. You need 4700mg of Potassium each day and many well known products have 1% or less then that amount. We use it before a game or practice to prevent cramps from forming. Its been a great find for us and really helped our athlete’s performance. He is especially prone to cramping in hot outdoor weather but this stuff ended that problem.

  26. Terry

    The doctor and his crew at Krampade have “hit the jackpot”! Try this product and you will be MOST satisfied!

  27. AK

    Mixes easily with water. Good flavor. Like most people I used to have a potassium deficiency.

  28. Scott Allison ATC

    Players ask for it by name. Has become a daily routine for those busy weekends.

  29. John

    Anyone potentially in the market for something like this has to know it’s not really about flavor, and that’s good because it is quite distinct, though I can’t say it’s bad after finally finishing my first order. I added just one tablespoon of Tang to 1L of water with 2 krampade packets in it and found it made a world of difference, if you’re sensitive to the flavor. Lemonade powder might work better for the lemon-lime flavor though, but I didn’t have any on hand.

    As for the product’s intended use, I’m very pleased with it, as are the hikers I donated a couple of packets to. I’m not a hiker, but I do work outside on my feet all day, and I can feel my muscles relax a bit as I drink it and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps. The product does indeed work, so if you’re curious about hydration multipliers, it’s not a bad place to start.

  30. SweetMary

    Really like the flavor and attributes of this item. My son plays hockey and was feeling nauseous at games. I started putting this in his water and he feels better and does not get fatigued as much. Highly recommend!

  31. Karen L

    I have to increase my potassium and this is one of the best mix ins I like. I hate the super sweet taste of others, mainly because they use other sweeteners. This is flavor without all the sweet.

  32. B. Pennington

    A warning, first and foremost – I’m not advocating this product in lieu of proper medical advice – I just thought it may be helpful to someone. I’m older now and began noticing irregularities in my pulse. Rather than visit an MD, I began searching for home remedies (not a great idea)). A few months ago, I came upon Krampade and decided to try it.

    I am pleased and relieved to report that the palpitations have decreased by 90%. Maybe 95%. This is only my individualized experience, but for me, the improvement in symptoms was immediate. Trying out this formulation was on a ‘let’s see what happens’ whim. I use the powder on average about 4 x weekly.

    Again, I’m only posting this in the hope that someone else may benefit. Oh, and the taste is a bit salty, but not unpleasant. I add the powder to about 18 oz. of water, let it sit for a moment, stir and it dissolves very quickly. I very much recommend this supplement. Thanks to the manufacturer for making it available…

    P.S. Some reviewers find this mixture to be unpalatable due to the perceived salt content. If added to an adequate amount of water, the saltiness is diminished greatly. Also, I sometimes sip the liquid over a period of time until gone, rather than drinking it all at once to allow for gradual absorption, although this isn’t necessary…

  33. Karen L.

    I like the taste of it. Others I have tried use sweeteners and taste terribly sweet.

  34. Lorene (verified owner)

    Doctor said I had a potassium deficiency thank you for this.. the flavor is great for those that don’t like the salty flavor it can be mixed with other water enhancers. Thank you for making this product.

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