KRAMPADE Fiber 2K ZERO Lemon Lime


Awesome Taste.  Fiber Enhanced.  Super Functional Food.

    • ZERO Sugar – Sweetened with Stevia
    • Keto Friendly – Help stop “Keto Flu” with potassium-packed Krampade Zero
    • Magnesium Enhanced – Bioavailable magnesium chloride enhances both taste and function
    • Great Taste! – No “chemical” aftertaste that you may have experienced before; clean sweetness with fantastic effectiveness for a GREAT product
    • Cramp Prevention – Potassium to help stop and prevent cramp formation
    • Enhances Performance – Potassium to help increase blood flow and muscle performance
    • Speeds Recovery, Reduces Fatigue – Potassium to help restore electrolyte balance with what your muscles need most
    • Optimizes Hydration – Potassium to help increase sweat efficiency and chloride to increase cellular hydration
    • Great for Menstrual Cramps – Restores electrolytes for muscle tissue during involuntary contractions
    • Drop-in Replacement for Typical Sports Drinks – Experience the difference Krampade makes!
    • May Lower Blood Pressure and Stroke Risk* – Our high-potassium and low-sodium formulation helps increase your heart health
    • May Help Lower Risk of Heart Disease and Certain Cancers^ – Our high-fiber formulation helps you fulfill your fiber needs in one convenient product!

Contains 2,000 mg of potassium, 50 mg of sodium,  50 mg of magnesium, 9 g of soluble fiber per serving (500 ml, 16.9 oz, 16 cal).  Available in all-natural lemon lime.

Makes one (1) serving.

Weight 0.039 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2.15 × 0.32 in
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Potassium Content

Sugar Content




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  • 1-20 = Priority Mail Flat Rate $8.65
  • 21-80 = Priority Mail $8.68-$13.10, Depending on Distance
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  • 161-240 = Priority Mail Flat Rate $19.30

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  • All orders ship via USPS.

Ingredients and Nutrition Information


Potassium Chloride, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, Natural Flavor, Stevia Sweetener

Nutrition Information

0 Calories, 0 g Carbohydrates (0 g added sugar), 200 mg Sodium 9%, 2000 mg Potassium 43%

5 reviews for KRAMPADE Fiber 2K ZERO Lemon Lime

  1. Judah

    This is my second order of the fiber blend. It’s great to be able to get potassium, magnesium and fiber all in one delicious drink. It tastes like Gatorade but less watered down. I highly recommend this, if you’re considering a purchase just go for it!

  2. John

    I tried the regular 2k version with sugar, liked it, and decided to try this one. It’s a bit tart and more lime than lemon, unlike the other one, which has more lemon flavor. I still enjoyed it though. If you’re sensitive to tart flavors, add in one of those single serving lemonades or Tang or something like that. It does have what can be described as a mineral or astringent taste to it, but you get used to it quickly and it doesn’t linger for too long.

    Intended use will be to stay hydrated at work, but this might be the superior version to take with on a minimalist hiking trip where weight and space is at a premium and you likely have to supplement a high protein diet that consists of dried meat or similar.

  3. Shannon Eddleman

    Prompt (arrived days earlier than predicted) and this item literally keeps my husband safe at work where he was having multiple issues with cramping, despite lots of fluid, electrolytes and bananas. This is a great product!

  4. C Anderson

    I started taking Krampade 2K in order to easily get the recommended potassium required. The only downside is it makes my stomach growl loudly and it goes straight through.

  5. Shannon

    I’ve had a hard time staying on a keto diet for more than about 6-8 weeks due to severe leg cramps at night. I’ve tried upping my magnesium and potassium through diet and supplements but nothing has worked. UNTIL THIS!! This has kept me going through four months, with the last two months being completely cramp-free! Make sure to get the zero-sugar high fiber variety if you’re doing it for keto purposes.

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