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Krampade is the Exclusive Sponsor of the All American Scholar Program Presented by the American Hockey Coaches’ Association

LINCOLN, Nebraska, August 1, 2017 Krampade, LLC, a Lincoln-based company focused on electrolyte replacement to mitigate cramps and to enhance athletic performance, announces it has the privilege of sponsoring the All American Scholar Program presented by the American Hockey Coaches’ Association.

“We are honored to have this opportunity to sponsor the All American Scholar Program for the American Hockey Coaches’ Association (AHCA). This program recognizes an athlete’s successful performance on the academic side of their college experience. Sponsoring this program that recognizes athletes that are excelling on the ice and in the classroom is a unique opportunity for a young company like Krampade. Certainly, this sponsorship will help us continue building our brand identity in a very competitive sports drink market, especially in collegiate ice hockey” says Eric J. Murphy, CEO.

The All American Scholar Program is a distinguished recognition presented to more than 1,000 student athletes by the American Hockey Coaches’ Association. These are all athletes who demonstrated outstanding athletic and academic performance during the 2016-17 season. This award is presented to NCAA Division I and Division III men and women who had maintained a 3.6 GPA and have played in 40 percent of their team’s games during the season.

“We appreciate that Krampade has stepped up to support this program on behalf of NCAA ice hockey players,” said Joe Bertagna, AHCA Executive Director. “They are not only making this inaugural initiative possible, but they are calling attention to the importance of all of our skaters working just as hard in the classroom.”

“Just as a player works hard on the ice to improve their skills, their strong effort in classroom builds skills that they will use as they transition into the workforce and pursue their non-hockey related goals. This hard work not only makes them a better hockey player, but a more well-rounded person through their educational experiences”, he said. “We view success in classroom as an important part of an athlete’s commitment to not only themselves, but to their team as well.”

“Like this award, what sets Krampade® apart from the other products is the science and knowledge behind the development of Krampade®. We brought together our collective backgrounds in the sciences to develop our product lines,” says Murphy. “We have a close association with collegiate hockey and by sponsoring this award we demonstrate that we’re not only committed to enhancing and maintaining a player’s high level of athletic performance on the ice, but also recognizing their academic performance.”

Krampade, LLC, is a Lincoln, Nebraska-based company focused on mitigating and preventing cramp formation, while enhancing performance using our patent-pending formulations. The beauty of Krampade® is the depth and breadth of its consumer base, which translates into helping a lot of people resolve their issues with cramping in an effective, cost-efficient manner. Their website is at The financial details of this agreement were not disclosed.

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