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Krampade Featured in Article | Women’s Hockey Life

“Six Things Goalies Should Focus On To Have a Better Season”

Dana Timm writes, “An awesome product that I have recently found is Krampade. Krampade can benefit you if you are like me and are prone to dehydration and muscle cramps late in a game. According to their website and a company representative that I have spoken with, Krampade is unlike other sports drinks on the market because it has a form of potassium that is quickly absorbed when it is consumed. They offer three different versions of their supplement, each with different levels of potassium and other ingredients. Their 1K and 2K formulas are aimed at preventing the onset of chronic cramping, while the 4K formula quickly resolves acute cramping.”

Definitely good news when it comes to hydration!

You can read the rest of her article here.

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